View Full Version : Injury What to expect: adopt a cavy with head tilt?

Anna Stocks
09-11-15, 11:19 am
My local pet store has a guinea pig up for adoption. He has head tilt. They said that he was on antibiotic ear drops (Baytril) for about two weeks, so they said it was probably not an infection and more likely neurologically based. I want to adopt him (pending parental approval) because I heard one of the managers say that if nobody adopts him they might have to euthanize him. That seems, to me, to be a ridiculous reason to end a life. Is there extra care involved in caring for a piggy with head tilt? I have a pig already, a female who would be housed separately, so I know the basics of taking care of them.

09-11-15, 11:27 am
No, there's no problem with caring for a pig with a head tilt. The problem may be neurological, but it also could be just because they didn't get him treated in time to keep the tilt from becoming permanent.

09-13-15, 11:35 am
It is possible to house them together if you get him neutered or her spayed. It would be something you would need to talk about with your vet but it would improve both of their lives so much. I don't have any advice for which because I obviously am not a vet but I think most people prefer to get their males fixed because it is less invasive but I've also herd that removing a females ovaries reduced risk of cancers and cysts but again don't take my word on that as it would take research and a talk with your vet.

You could also ask your vet about the care for the piggy with a head tilt. But I don't think that whatever care he requires would be so much that it would turn you off from wanting to adopting him