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Katie Vetter
08-29-15, 06:35 pm
I have fought and fought and fought my parents over upgrading my two pairs of guinea pigs from store cages to c&c cages, but now that I have them convinced, they won't let me get the proper cage size! Both pairs are boars, so I know they need from 10.5-13 sq. ft. but the biggest cage they are willing to build is only 8.5 square feet. It will be loads bigger than they have now, but I'm still worried about it. It really irritates me that even with a pair of pigs already in a c&c, that they can't see how much a proper sized cage benefits them! Will my boys still be okay? A store cage is all they've ever known. I rescued all of them in their current cages. Gah, I'm just so torn on what to do. They say I can accept this cage size, or no cage at all, by which they mean getting rid of the pigs. So should I just take what I can get? Both pairs are past or just coming out of puberty, and have never fought before. I really hate not being able to give them what I would like to give them, but this seems to be my only option.

08-29-15, 06:46 pm
If the pigs have gotten along before, they might be ok in a smaller cage. But, sometimes a change of cage can trigger dominance struggles all over again, and pigs that have been good buddies are suddenly at each other's throats.

What is their objection to a larger cage? If it's cost, there are all sorts of cheap/free materials available.

Katie Vetter
08-29-15, 06:54 pm
Mainly, Its the amount of space available in my room. They bought a cabinet that they thought would be perfect to hold all three cages with a bit of modification. When I told them that it wouldn't be large enough, they became very irate. After showing them the charts and the "why so big" page and explaining to them that boars should be even one cage size larger, my mom threw a fit and was at the end of her rope. They said the boys can have this cage size or none. I myself am willong to throw out a piece of furniture or two to give them the space and have even drawn out detailed blueprints of my room to show them how it could be done. When asking my mom why she won't let me go larger, the response is pretty much equivelent to "because I'm the parent, and you're the kid". We even have the coroplast and cubes to do it with! We ordered the ten pack of 4x8 foot coro from home depot, so I guess that rules out the cost and materials.

08-29-15, 09:32 pm
Sorry you're having problems getting your parents on board. Some parents (like me! although I'm a grandma now who just adopted 4 sows with my grandson who lives with me!) are super supportive, and others (like my daughter) aren't keen on pets and just want nothing to do with them. Unfortunately, my suggestion is to take what they are offering and hope for the best for your pigs. You don't say how old you, but one day you will be an adult and on your own and you will be able to do whatever you want- and when you have kids, you will remember how this feels and do better! Good Luck!

Katie Vetter
08-29-15, 10:16 pm
Thanks lydiagintn23, I'm just past the half mark of 16, and will most likely be moving out in a few years. By then I may have a few less piggies, which is sad, but may mean I will be able to take them with me to college. My dad is more understanding, but mom has last word! So, I'll take what I can get and hope for the best. Crossing my fingers for no fighting! Thank you.

11-05-15, 04:41 am
I know this feeling right now... My room is rather small and I want to get my boy a friend, but i'm probably only going to be able to get him a 1.5 grid by 4 grid cage because of my incredibly small room. Parents aren't all that thrilled about having a pet in the first place but i'm thinking about moving my room around to give a bit more room... i'm just a little frustrated too.