View Full Version : Re-decorating my pig's cage!

08-28-15, 07:02 pm
So I really want to do a Star Wars themed cage, so I'm going to get Star Wars fleece for the bedding and make some pee pads but idk what to do about toys and housing, I'm very creative and crafty so I can do a lot! Any suggestions?

08-28-15, 07:22 pm
Maybe make these in a Star Wars print?

Maybe you could get some pet safe paint and paint some star wars people (easy people, like Yoda, Chewie...) on some plain chew toys?

You could also ask Valeries zoo on etsy if she could make a hidey house that looks like chewie opening his mouth and so the entrance to the hidey would be his mouth. Or make it yourself, of course!

08-29-15, 12:28 am
Omg and you could do a Hoth theme for winter! The possibilities are endless! Gosh I love star wars! I have a couple buddies that are part of a storm troop garrison that are going to do a photoshoot with my pigs, like this http://images.tapatalk-cdn.com/15/08/28/66fe05da16a54fa3fe118db0954f2f5a.jpg

You could do some Star Wars Lego sets. Make cool hides and what not. You can get Legos at garage sales or the SAL. Can't wait to see what you come up with!

08-29-15, 02:12 am
I'm really excited it looks like I'm going to have an Endor theme for a while!!!

So far the plan is to get some forestry looking fleece (and Star Wars fleece for pee pads, cuddle cups and sleeping sacs) for the bedding!

Then I am gonna use aquarium backgrounds for the inside part of their cage!

Cover their white picket fences in sticks to make stick fences they can't crash through lol

And give them some Ewok looking huts, and tree themed hidey areas! Plus an Ewok plush to cuddle with <3 I'm so excited! And the Death Star will be overlooking their cage from space lol

08-29-15, 02:32 am
Wonderful ideas! Be sure to post pics when you're finished!

10-23-15, 07:54 pm
Omg OMG OMG I cannot wait to see the pictures. I still regret not watching Star Wars until I was 23.