View Full Version : Vet Good vets near Muscadine, Alabama?

08-27-15, 08:18 pm
I'm hoping someone on here might Know of a decent guinea pig vet near Muscadine, Alabama. So far most things I have found in Alabama have been so far away. I have found one, that I plan to use should anything come up until I hopefully find a closer one. Also kind of hoping I can find one that will be a little easier on my purse, but I'm starting to think living out in the boonies of Alabama any vet I can find to treat guinea pigs is probably going to be more expensive. -_- Oh and I live right near the border of georgia so anything near bremen, georgia would also be good.

08-27-15, 08:37 pm
Alabama isn't running over with exotic vets. The best thing I can suggest is that you google exotic vets in Alabama, look at their websites at the doctors bios, and see if any have experience with exotic pets.

If you want to go as far as Atlanta, Dr. Ella Ahearn is arguably one of the best guinea pig vets in the country.