View Full Version : I just rescue a young cavy girl

08-25-15, 07:45 pm
She's only 7 months and her name is Kisha she is super friendly and adorable. the family that have her couldn't take care of her so they let me take her she's a lil overweight and she never have veggies before so any tips is my first time owning a guinea pig any suggestions about diet,cage, bedding anything I should know

08-25-15, 08:33 pm
Welcome to the forum! :)

If you can get her another female so she has a buddy, that would be perfect for her as piggies are social animals and like to be around others of their kind :)
For one pig, a 2x3 C&C cage is good, but the bigger is always better! Fleece bedding with either towels or wood pellets underneath is some of the best bedding you could use! :)
Daily veggies that can be fed are green leaf and red leaf lettuce, 1 baby carrot, and small amounts of green bell pepper. "Treat" veggies that can be fed 2-3 days a week are red bell pepper, Spinach, parsley, and many other vitamin C rich veggies! Fruits should be limited to 2-3 days a week. Strawberry, apple, blueberry, melon, and grapes are examples of fruits that piggies can have :)

Make sure she has unlimited timothy hay and gets only 1/8 cup of low calcium, high fiber, pellets. I use Kaytee Timothy complete pellets, but Oxbow are best! hope that helps!

08-25-15, 08:37 pm
Thanks a lot for all the info working on getting the c&c to build cage before I get a new friend for her thanks again