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08-25-15, 07:10 am
My little Belle passed away at the vets last night.
We decided to put her down without a proper diagnosis as we all predicted that she wouldn't make it through the night regardless. But I want to discuss the symptoms for my peace of mind.

While she had always been underweight, she had lost 100g in 3 days causing her to look horribly emaciated as well as dehydrated, I feel horrible for not noticing this early enough. I decided to weigh her late that evening because she seemed lethargic & out of it, she was gnashing her teeth in what I believe was pain or discomfort & I proceeded to force feed her while waiting for our taxi to arrive.

Now comes the odd part - After only a few syringes of critical care she began retching, I could feel her stomach spasms & then she threw it up within a few minutes. But logically I know that pigs normally can't vomit. This continued even in front of a very surprised vet, and she guessed that she must have had some sort of obstruction causing her to lose weight & not be able to eat properly for quite some time, such as cancer. She continued to retch periodically even after her stomach was empty.

What's bothering me is how quickly she declined, but the vet insinuated that whatever the condition was, it must have progressed over quite some time & I've somehow overlooked it. I can't help but feel guilty that she had to pass away while in pain & that I'll never know what caused it. She was five and a half years old.

https://mail.google.com/mail/u/1/?ui=2&ik=97c4125c65&view=fimg&th=14f63efb8454f05c&attid=0.1&disp=inline&safe=1&attbid=ANGjdJ-ePEa_2kRWtV-gwt2NrMIOzF15DiTGxQGPPQbcmJwGbLi2HfDX0YnUESEqYcNXG _Utx3uRr8WB49IHJijNxEyzdUFVeuNOD1vGV5kjEjOV84d11wY QH4qgGTI&ats=1440507320946&rm=14f63efb8454f05c&zw&sz=w1342-h523

08-25-15, 07:50 am
I'd agree with the obstruction. It may have prevented the CC from ever getting to her stomach, hence the "vomiting" was just coming from her esophagus.

I'm sorry you lost her.

08-25-15, 07:52 am
I'm so very sorry to hear about Belle. It's natural to wonder if there was more you could have done when a beloved pet passes away. I think it's a horrible thing for the vet to imply something like that with out facts. In fact, there was probably very little you could have done. Don't beat yourself up and don't focus on her last days. I'm sure she had five and a half years of a wonder life that have left you with wonderful memories.

08-25-15, 07:59 am
Honestly the only way to get the answers as to what caused her decline would be if a post-mortem examination was conducted.

I have read of a few other cases where guinea pigs have vomited, however none had a happy ending regardless of the course of action taken by the owners and vets. I feel you did both everything you could before getting her to the vet and chose to do the right thing given the situation.

Guinea pigs are prey animals and as such will hide all symptoms of illness until they physically cannot any more, perhaps it was a condition that progressed very rapidly (like an aggressive cancer) or perhaps it was a slower developing disease and she was simply very good at hiding it, without a proper diagnosis of the cause we can only guess. Regardless I feel it is likely that whatever the cause was probably would not have been treatable even if it had be caught sooner, but once again that is only speculation without the actual cause known.

08-25-15, 08:49 am
So sorry to learn of Belle's passing over the Rainbow Bridge! What is it about age 5.5 y.o. that they start to have problems? Chester is the same age Yes, the gnashing of teeth is definitely a pain indicator. Chester has major teeth issues and when they need to be planed, he begins to gnash his teeth in pain. Some of his problem is iatrogenic as a result of a medical mistake, but we know that our time with him is limited.

Sending good wishes and healing thoughts your way!

08-25-15, 08:57 am
I am so sorry for your loss. :( The poor dear--you did all you could to help her, and at least she didn't suffer.
I just hope learning what it could have been puts your mind at ease.

08-25-15, 02:09 pm
I'm so sorry for your loss.