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08-24-15, 10:18 am
So a couple (or few) months ago, I joined this forum because it was the only place where I could actually talk about my love for Guinea Pigs. I had two Guinea Pigs by the name of Shadow and Stellar. And then I left the forum because Stellar passed away. My dog was always supervised when she's around the piggie cage, she never intends to hurt them because she actually tried cleaning one. But she ended up jumping on the cage and bending the door in, making it fall on top of Stellar. All of my previous Guinea Pigs had died of old age (They were 5+) but Stellar was the first one I lost to an accident. And the minute I came home, Shadow wasn't the same. She was normally very friendly and always coming up to greet me but she was just laying in the pigloo, not even coming out for a carrot. So the first thing I did after burying Stellar was look at my local shelters for Guinea Pigs because I knew Shadow wasn't going to last long on her own. They were bought together and they had a very bonded relationship. And I looked and looked for an entire day until I noticed that none of the water bottles were being drunk from. And I flipped out because none of my other Guinea Pigs had done that after a cagemate passed. I did the next best thing that I could which was go to my nearest pet store and get another one. Honestly if I would have had the option to adopt one at that time, I would have and any of my future piggies will be adopted but this was my only option at the time. And the minute I brought the new one home, Shadow immediately bonded with her and was eating and drinking again. And she was so much happier.

I still have the same cage that I had when I first got my Guinea Pigs. My parents were still together at the time and my mom said basically heck no to a C&C cage so I went to the next best thing. Which was basically a dupe for a C&C Cage (The Midwest one). But now my Dad is rebuilding the stand so its taller and it screws into the wall so my Dog can't knock it over or anything. I just went a bought the Coroplast base for the cage and I've had the fleece wicked for a few weeks now. The stand can be taken apart so when I'm working again and can afford to build a C&C cage, it can be taken apart and rebuilt to the bigger cage. I'm excited for the two to be moved back into my room, as they have been living in my Dad's room.


Shadow is the larger one and Nova is much bigger now but she's still quite a small baby.

08-24-15, 11:20 am
Hello. Oh wow, I couldn't imagine losing a pig like that. I'm so sorry! You did the right thing,and got another guinea pig as fast as you could, in your case that was a very good discussion to get a pet store pig! They look so cute together! Have a wonderful day.