View Full Version : hello everyone! (I'm new)

08-24-15, 09:43 am
Hello people of the cavy kingdom. i just joined this guinea pig forum, and i don't really know how everything works, so if you have any advice, it would be greatly appreciated:) I have a American guinea pig named Dakota, he's is very squeaky and adorable. I do have a concern about him, but i'll post that in the medical and veterinary place. Help would be greatly appreciated:D y'all have a awesome day!

08-24-15, 09:55 am
Hello and welcome to the forums! So on the forums you can basically ask for help with your guinea pig, or help people who need help with their guinea pigs :) have an awesome day as well!

08-24-15, 10:01 am
Thanks so much:)

08-24-15, 04:38 pm
Hi - welcome to the forum. I have to admit, I love the wheeks and squeaks. My only previous pet experience was with a dwarf hamster several years ago, and she never made a peep. This is more fun.

08-24-15, 04:45 pm
Thanks! Aww, that's cool that you had a hamster, they are awesome little dudes. But yes guineapigs are more interesting!
what are your guinea pig(s) names?

08-24-15, 04:49 pm
Mine is named Domino. His middle name is Oreo ;)

08-24-15, 05:39 pm
That's a adorable name! I used to have a cat named Oreo:)