View Full Version : Skin Problems Possible ear mites or infection?

08-23-15, 05:31 pm
I just got two three week old guinea pigs. One of which has a very dry and flakey ear. I rubbed the ear gently with a wet paper towel and saw no little notes and checked the skin and fur, but I don't see any. Maybe I'm just missing them. I was just wondering if it could be mites I can't see, or a fungal infection or just a dry ear?
Of course, what I should give him? (fungal cream or aloe)
I can post pictures if this doesn't make sense

08-23-15, 05:41 pm
See http://www.guinealynx.info/fungus.html. Any of those creams should be available over the counter at any drug store.

Just be careful to put it on with a q-tip, rub it in well, and wash your hands well afterward.

Once you've gotten it cleared up, it may help to rub the ears periodically with cold pressed virgin coconut oil. It has anti-fungal properties.