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08-23-15, 06:20 am
He's been sneezing and coughing on and off for about 2 days but his eyes are clear and his nose is clear he still eating and drinking water and pooping and still being active should I worried??

08-23-15, 10:01 am
You should take him to the vet. It could be a URI. It also COULD be allergies, but only an exotic vet would know. Better be safe than sorry.

08-23-15, 10:19 am
Pigs don't usually have allergies, and a cough combined with sneezing is definitely cause for seeing a vet.

Do make sure it's a good exotic vet. Most dog-and-cat vets can't treat GPs, even if they say they can. You'll likely just waste time and money by going to a non-exotic vet.

08-23-15, 05:39 pm
I finally found a vet that knows about guinea pigs I'm taking him tomorrow morning...cuz I don't trust the vet at my store

08-23-15, 05:51 pm
NEVER trust a vet at a store.

08-23-15, 08:29 pm
I turn my ac off for the day and he didn't cough or sneeze at all all day so do u guys think it was cuz my house was to cold??

08-23-15, 08:43 pm
No, not because it was too cold. Cavies do much better in cold temperatures than they do in warm ones.

08-23-15, 08:47 pm
I talked to the vet and she ask me if he is eating and I told her he's been eating and running and doing all the normal things the only thing is the once in awhile he will sneeze and cough and she told me that is normal for them to do that but if I wanted some peace of mind to bring him in idk what to do cuz right now he is running and playing with his toys

08-24-15, 09:33 am
You said he's been sneezing and coughing on and off for two days. That sounds more than "once in awhile".

Do you weigh him? Get a kitchen scale and weigh him now, then again tomorrow at the same time. Then again the next day. If his weight is stable that means at least he feels well enough to eat. If it's gone down at all it could mean that he is sick and not eating his normal amount.

08-24-15, 07:05 pm
Well the vet appointment went well he is healthy I'm happy and I can relax now lol...

08-24-15, 09:54 pm
Well the vet appointment went well he is healthy I'm happy and I can relax now lol...
May I ask if the vet gave him any medication? I'm worried about this happening to my young pig.

08-24-15, 10:07 pm
He has allergies to his old bedding and I just changed it and he told me that if it's to cold they will get a runny nose cuz my roommates keep the ac at 55 at all times so I got him a small heater and so far his sneezing has gotten better and he's not coughing anymore

08-24-15, 10:09 pm
But they did some blood work and a whole bunch of this and he is good thank god

08-27-15, 10:52 pm
Well Dexter is back at the vets and this time they are going to keep him there for a few days has a really bad eye infection!!!!

08-27-15, 11:53 pm
morales9263 I've merged your threads. Please don't start new threads about medical conditions for the same pig. This way people can read through the whole thread and provide help if you need it.

08-29-15, 12:22 am
Dexter is not doing so good the infection is really dad he might lose his eye...I feel so helpless