View Full Version : C&C My new hay bin invention!

08-22-15, 12:14 pm
I needed to find something to hold enough hay for my 5 piggies so they didn't run out so quickly. Sooooo...I bought a little plastic hanging file container and cut some openings near the bottom and WALLA! New huge hay bin. Even has a cover to help keep it contained and not falling all over my carpet. 




08-22-15, 02:07 pm
Oh wow, that's a nice idea actually! It must be really easy to fill, and because it's kind of clear you can see when it needs to be topped up. So long as your pigs aren't small enough to get stuck in it, it's a great hay bin.

08-22-15, 02:07 pm
Good idea, one thing that concerns me though is could they cut themselves on the cut plastic?

08-22-15, 02:10 pm
The openings are the same size as the previous one so I am pretty comfortable that they can't crawl in there. I measured very carefully cause I worried about that too. [emoji2]

08-22-15, 02:50 pm
Thats awesome! I should try this! :D

08-22-15, 06:35 pm
Love it! I like that it keeps the hay all contained. I might try something like this!

08-22-15, 06:54 pm
I'm gonna try this, maybe a waterbottle would make a good mini version of this!