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08-16-15, 07:37 am
This morning I logged on here to browse around like usual and was greeted with a scolding! When I went to the Introductions forum, I received the message below. I have always done my best to be considerate and welcoming to other users. Please read my posts and see. I've seen many times that a moderator on here has been critical and judgmental of other users. Your message below makes ME feel unwelcome. If I have offended someone or said something inappropriate, then let me know of the specific situation and I will be sure to apologize. Otherwise, please don't scold me for the past mistakes of others.

"Please Be VERY Considerate!Hello CavyChrissy,

You are seeing this message because you are a Cavy Slave member of this forum, that is, you've been online for a while and have been active. And you are seeing this message because you are in the INTRODUCTIONS forum, where usually Newbies post (new to the forum).

We want to ENCOURAGE new people to participate and stick around. Yet, frequently, a new person will post about wanting to breed, buy a pig from a pet store, show, etc., and they are immediately CAUTIONED that a) it's not a good thing to do and b) we frown upon it on this forum.

Yes, we do frown upon it, BUT, we need to give our new members a chance to explore the forum without being put into a defensive or offended frame of mind.

So, LET IT GO. Back off. Encourage them in positive way, but don't dig for dirt. Do NOT ask them where they got their guinea pig(s) so that we can start to get them to see the light right away! You certainly don't need to encourage practices we don't support either, but let them get comfortable on the forum, first.

Your support in making the forum a friendlier place to participate is GREATLY appreciated!"

08-16-15, 07:45 am

I get that message too. For a short while, I was panicking too, as I thought I had done something wrong to be receiving it. But, I have since learned that actually it is just a reminder that is shown to all Cavy Slaves to be nice to Cavy Newbies so the Cavy Newbies aren’t scared off by patronising/telling-off posts. :)

So you haven’t done anything wrong, it is just a reminder given to everyone.

08-16-15, 07:46 am
Everyone gets that message, it is nothing personal towards you. It's a reminder for some of us to be nice to the new people.

08-16-15, 08:25 am
This message comes up for all cavy slaves when they are viewing the introductions forum. It will always be there no matter how long you are a member of the forum.

08-16-15, 08:28 am
Perhaps they should change the text so it's clear that this is a message given to all members.

08-16-15, 09:29 am
I can see if you read it fast you can mistake the meaning, (I also had to read it twice when I first saw it), but it does say in the first 2 sentences that it is because you are a Cavy Slave and are in the Introductions forum that this message is displayed. Not sure how they can change the text, but maybe they can add a WE ARE SO HAPPY YOU'RE IN THE INTRODUCTION FORUM TO WELCOME NEW MEMBERS!!! or something. With a lot of smiles! :) :) :)

You are seeing this message because you are a Cavy Slave member of this forum, that is, you've been online for a while and have been active. And you are seeing this message because you are in the INTRODUCTIONS forum, where usually Newbies post (new to the forum).

08-16-15, 11:54 am
CavyChrissy, that message is not directed at you specifically. It's a reminder to all members. If you were going to receive a warning about your behavior, it would be in a PM and would come directly from one of the moderators like myself or from one of the admin.

08-16-15, 01:55 pm
When it started showing up for me, I understood it to be directed at all. It says you are now a Cavy slave and that is why you are receiving this message. When you spend a little longer on the forum you will see that while we all want to love cavies and promote their best care, it is also important that we don't become such "cavy snobs" that it is off-putting to new members. It can definitely happen that instead of feeling supported a new member could feel attacked if they hear what you bought at a pet store? what you use "that" bedding? what you use "that" food? etc so it is just a reminder to all to slow down and remember to approach in a helpful way and one step at a time. I liked when I received it...I felt like I was growing into a role where I could start welcoming others and helping answer questions instead of feeling like the newbie myself. :-)

08-16-15, 02:33 pm
A few years ago some people were really brutal towards newcomers and other members who disagree in general. I think that once people become more familiar with guinea pig care they tend to jump on new people doing something wrong and this can scare them away or put them on the defensive which isn't helping us help their piggies.

That's why it's so important to make these things come across as nicely as possible. Important enough to have that reminder message up there for all members, even those who have been here for years. I can see how it might be confusing if you skim through the message though. Wouldn't hurt for them to clarify.

As for your concern about moderators being too critical, you could always pm them about it but to an extend people have to be critical at times to get the message across and sometimes it's hard to set the right tone in a message.

08-17-15, 07:47 am
Thanks everyone. Just to clarify, I did understand that this is something everyone gets. It just seems so harshly written! I had a feeling there were some people with bad attitudes on here in the past. But if that was years ago, maybe we can tone down the warning a bit??? Or remove it?

08-17-15, 07:36 pm
Hi, I am cavy newbie. I read the message and, are we not aloud to ask about showing and breeding?

08-17-15, 07:43 pm
That's correct, The3Musketeers. We are a strongly pro-adoption, pro-rescue, anti-breeding forum. If you are a breeder, you may ask questions about the care of your pigs, but you may not discuss breeding, and you may not display pictures of your pigs.

Guinea pig pregnancies are very hard on the sows, with estimates of death as high as 20%. In addition, guinea pigs are susceptible to a number of genetic disease, some of which are painful and crippling, and others result in deaf, blind pups with wonky or missing teeth and immature digestive systems.

On top of that, there are thousands of unwanted guinea pigs in rescues and shelters that need and deserve loving homes. Every pig that's deliberately bred and sold to someone means one less available home for the rescue pigs.

We also do not support showing, which is mostly an activity for breeders. Shows are stressful environments for guinea pigs, who do not enjoy the attention of strangers.

08-17-15, 07:45 pm
Yes and no. Yes, this is a pro-adoption forum that supports the health and well-being of guinea pigs, and breeding and pregnancies are very rough on the mother and pups, resulting in 1/5 pregnant sows deaths. Breeding is irresponsible as such, risking the lives of the pigs for money or for "cute baby pigs", and in the case of showing, desired traits and beauty at the risk of genetic disorder and, as said, the death of the sows and babies.

The other major issue with breeding pigs is there are SO MANY guinea pigs out there for adoption. With every new pig bred and born, another pig looking for a loving owner loses a chance at having a forever home.

I hope that answers your question. But I also say no because there IS a subforum called the Kitchen where such "heated" topics can be discussed, if that's what you mean, but don't go posting that you breed guinea pigs or support such practices. It goes against forum philosophy/policy, as mean as that may sound, but the reasons why are solid and it's for the well-being of the pigs and to spread positive care and to promote their health and happiness.

08-17-15, 07:49 pm
Oh, I see. Thank you for explaining that! Maybe I will at one point start a guinea pig rescue ;) Just a thought I guess. Thank you again!

08-17-15, 09:13 pm
Thanks everyone. Just to clarify, I did understand that this is something everyone gets. It just seems so harshly written! I had a feeling there were some people with bad attitudes on here in the past. But if that was years ago, maybe we can tone down the warning a bit??? Or remove it?

I believe it may have taken quite a bit of effort to get people to tone down their attitude but I was away for several years so I wasn't here when those changes happened. I did notice the huge difference in tone when I looked up an old thread recently.

People try a lot harder to be nice to newcomers now. I mean heated discussions and occasional too critical/harsh tones still occur but less frequently or not as badly compared to before.

As for right now, sometimes a fairly new person will come along and has been learning from the forums. They start to tell other new people how bad they are being etc. From experience we know that that method doesn't work well so once people have been here for a while they will get that message so they know that this forum wants to set a certain tone with new people.

Plus, older members can do with that reminder on occasion as well. It's easy to get frustrated when you see the same mistakes bring made every day, especially if a person doesn't seem to care to try to provide better care.

The purpose is to stop those new people from running away in anger before they can learn how to care for their pigs.

At least, I assume that's the reasoning behind it being so harsh. They just have to have zero tolerance for that behavior or the past will repeat itself

The goal of this website is to help pigs receive a better quality of life, this is hard to achieve if the forum comes across as hostile. You just have to draw a hard line with how newcomers should be approached. I mean, you know that if you're being polite and welcoming that that message isn't targeted towards you.

Again, I'm just guessing, I wasn't here when these changes occurred and I'm not a moderator. I could be dead wrong. I personally don't mind the harsh reminder because it really was a lot less pleasant for newcomers before. If a little reminder message helps then that's fine by me.

08-17-15, 09:43 pm
I think you've hit the nail on the head, @Fay.

This site used to have a culture of attacking people for doing the wrong thing before they even knew any better. I got chewed out by one of the mods about getting a pig from a backyard breeder when I had no intention of doing any such thing. And you're right, if we don't keep a tight lid on it, it gets out of hand pretty quickly.

I think if a person takes the time to actually read the letter, it says what needs to be said without offending anybody.

08-18-15, 03:41 pm
Ok I guess I wasn't here to see just how ugly it was. Still seems weird to me that I've been friendly for 30 days, still think of myself as new, and then get a warning to be nice to new people. But I guess some people actually need to be told that.

08-18-15, 03:44 pm
Some people definitely need to be told that.

08-18-15, 07:11 pm
Thank you everyone for clarifying. I was so confused! (: