View Full Version : Cage Floor Cage Yay or Nay?

08-15-15, 10:50 pm
I just got some new pigs from the local Humane Society, but this woman my mom works worth is desperately looking for a home for her two pigs. I have two girls, she has a girl and her son. I am planning on getting the boy fixed and want them to live all in the same cage. The cage I have now is a 2x4 C&C cage that fits on top of my desk. I was thinking of taking the desk out, expanding it on the ground and only using coroplast. Does anyone have any suggestions about that or ideas of maybe a solution. Plaese, I need ideas.

08-15-15, 11:00 pm
Putting the cage on the floor is fine. As long as there is no draft on the floor, your pigs will be fine.

08-16-15, 07:13 am
If you are looking for something to make it more solid (like if your floor is carpeted), you could get a piece of plywood to lay down first. My Menards has a section of discounted pieces, maybe your local home improvement store does too. They will probably be able to cut it to size for you. Or you could use an interior door - my whole cage is made from them. A 28 x 80 door is the size of a 2 x 5.5 C&C cage.

08-18-15, 04:55 pm
Our piggy cage is on a tile floor and we just put down some plastic like what some people put over their table cloths so it is flexible. We folded and stapled it so that it goes up and covers the base boards. If your piggy cage will be on a hard floor I recommend doing this because it's way less expensive than coroplast. We got ours at hobby lobby on one of those big roles with the decorating fabric. That way you can get it cut to whatever size you want and not end up short or pay for more than you want.