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08-08-15, 08:44 pm
Hi guys,

I am the proud new owner of 3 little piggies and I love them so much already!
The first one is Xena (the warrior princess hehe). I got Xena 4 years ago, not really knowing anything about guinea pigs. I've always loved rats, had many rats before, and wanted one. I was living with a family and one of the moms was super scared of rats and refused for me to have one. She told me she couldn't handle a rat, but she was okay with a guinea pig. So I got my little Xena. I was super excited about having her, and began to learn more about piggies. After a couple of months, I decided to move out and asked a friend who also had a guinea pig, if she could take care of Xena during my "moving time". When I was ready to get my little Xena back, my friend refused to give her back because Xena had bonded with her pig, and she didn't want to separate them. I was sad, but I thought it was probably better for Xena too. I was able to see Xena whenever my friend will go on vacations and needed someone to take care of the piggies. 4 years passed. A month ago, my friend's pig died, so she contacted me and asked that I get Xena back. I wasn't really prepared for it. I have 2 cats now, and I was a bit concerned about that. I live in a loft, so there is no room I can put a guinea pig in, everything is wide open. But I adopted Xena in the first place, she's my piggy and I love her so I decided to take her anyway.
Xena was completely depressed. She would not move from her corner. Just lie down, doing nothing. It was so sad. I read a lot online about piggy depression. She was mourning her friend, and according to most of the online articles, getting her new friends would help.
So I searched online and found out that a shelter near me had a senior guinea pig. I thought this was perfect. I went to the shelter, and Simone was in a tiny cage, with another piggy. Simone was actually only 2 years old, and the other one 1 and a half. They had no hay, no fresh vegetables, only weird pellets + grains. I couldn't bear it. I adopted both of them.
Simone (de Beauvoir :p) is a big dominant female piggy and Frida (Khalo) is a funny, perky, happy little piggy. Simone gave Xena a hard time in the beginning, but now they are totally okay. Xena looks so much better now! Even though she is suffering from a big abscess (I talked about it in another post) she is interacting with Frida and Simone and is excited about getting food.
You should have seen Frida when she got into her new cage (a C&C 2 by 5 grids). She ran around and popcorned all over the place. Simone is a very smart and unafraid piggy. She's also a bit fat, but the vet said that now that she has more room to exercise, she should loose a bit.

Here are my piggies after their bath :)
Frida, Xena, and Simone

Them eating some lettuce in their new cage. (Had to learn how to sew to do all the fleece/Uhaul liners and beds and pee pads.

Kisses from Simone ;p

08-08-15, 09:39 pm
Welcome! What an awesome story and some adorable piggies. Thanks for sharing the story and photos! Too cute

08-14-15, 01:48 pm
Welcome Liliane ! Your girls are so cute! I love how they all have their own unique colors and styles. It's great that you researched what piggies need to do what's best for Xena and even better that you brought home both Simone and Frida!

08-14-15, 02:48 pm
Awwww, such a happy ending to the story! So glad your girls are all together and happy now. Looks like you did a great job with the fleece liners!

08-14-15, 03:38 pm
Aww they're all so cute! Glad they all had a happy ending!

08-16-15, 05:18 am
Aww thank you guys!
I'm so happy with those piggies :)

08-16-15, 07:01 am
Aww, what a wonderful story! I'm so glad you have been reunited with your original guinea pig, and I'm glad you could give the other two a new life as well. They sound like quite the trio and I'm glad they all get along so well.

I also love the fact that you had to learn how to sew--I did the same! I got a Singer sewing machine for christmas as I took creative crafts as a class a few years ago, but I couldn't sew anything more complex than a pillow. But I learned how to sew all sorts of complex things, and even got back into hand sewing to stitch together this 4-part hide I'm making for him. It's just funny to think about that guinea pigs encourage hobbies like sewing. Those normally aren't two things most people would corolate with each other, hahaha.

08-16-15, 07:28 am
It is so true @wombats (https://www.guineapigcages.com/forum/member.php?u=35201)!
I have never been into sewing (I am a crochet girl :p). My girlfriend, who knows how to sew really well, wanted to teach me so many times and I was always like nope, not gonna happen. And finally, the piggies arrived, and I didn't want to spend hundreds of dollars into liners, beds and pee pads when I knew I could do everything myself for under $50... So I was forced to learn hehe. We already had an old sewing machine that my girlfriend used, and last week, we went to the flea market and got a brother sewing machine and a serger one, both for $45. (No, we're not cheap people, we just like to save if we can :))
I am very excited about sewing now, and my girlfriend is even making plans to build a big sewing machine table for both the machines, and I am looking into making more little piggy stuff!

It's actually funny because my girlfriend is not into pets. She's not an animal lover at all. She tolerates my cat (she always complains about how spoiled he is, blablabla), couldn't handle my rats when I had some. So anyway, when I told her I was getting back Xena, she wasn't happy. When I told her Xena needed a friend, it was even worst. When I came back from the shelter with Simone and Frida, she was super mad. But when I opened the box and put Frida on her, she melted. It is the first time in 3 years that I see her really caring for an animal. She always volunteer to give them a bath. She made the second set of cage liners, beds and pads. She spends so much time seating in front of the cage watching the piggies (and both cats do too, it's so cute), and she gives them food whenever I don't and think about them when we go shopping. She has plans of building them a bigger cage with ikea shelves and plexi glass. Who would have known that guinea pigs would find a way to her heart hehe ;)

08-16-15, 07:43 am
Oh wowzas, hahaha that's so wonderful to hear! I love how Frida stole her heart like that, it's so funny the effect that animals can have on a person. I'm glad she loves them now, that's really great. My stepdad was completely against me caring for Bob this summer, but ironically when I was struggling to convince my mom that he NEEDED his 2x3 and not his crappy pet store cage, HE was the one who went out tp get me bedding and supplies. When I started to put it in the little cage, he said it's for the big one and put that other thing in the garage. It's all thanks to him that Bob is a happy little guy now, and even my mom understands why he needed the space. Now my stepdad even buys Bob his weekly vegetables and always asks questions about what he can and cannot eat and their basic care and all that. He even sits with Bob sometimes and Bob will climb all over him and I know he loves him. :) It's just so funny to think that just a few months ago he was very determined to not let me take him, but now he's just a part of the family, in a way.