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08-04-15, 06:59 pm
I'm thinking about getting a rabbit but wanted to do some research first. There might be a post on this already, but does anyone know of good sites (other than this one) that would talk about preparing for a rabbit and all that it entails (what type of housing, food, etc)?

The other part is I already have some piggies and I know rabbits and guinea pigs shouldn't be put in the same pen because of disease, but does that mean they can't be in the same house?

08-04-15, 08:34 pm
Check out Erin's animals on YouTube, she has lots of good bunny videos. As well as budget bunny and 101rabbits.

You can keep them in the same house. And I think the same room, as well :)

08-19-15, 03:55 pm
You shouldn't house rabbits and guinea pigs together, the reason is because rabbits hurt us when they kick? Can you emagine how that would feel to a fradgile guinea pig?

The Food is also different, rabbits need higher calcium and guinea pigs need high vitamin C. If they get ahold of each others food it may make them sick.

08-19-15, 04:12 pm
Oh no, I think they mean in the same building. Of course you can own both rabbits and guinea pigs in the same house/room, just make sure they're both healthy and realize the (however small) risk of diseases spreading between them, and that they should never actually live together in the same CAGE. Room is okay, house is perfectly fine, but co-habitance in the same cage is a big no no.

I wouldn't personally know very much about rabbit care, though, but I do know it's a little different from guinea pigs. I also know they do better with a buddy and should be fixed, unlike most guinea pigs. I can't remember why, though, and it wasn't just because of the potential for reproduction...unless I'm thinking of ferrets...hmm, I just don't know now, so someone correct me if I'm wrong.

08-19-15, 06:49 pm
I recently read a lot about rabbit care but I've never owned one myself. A few things I can say from my extensive research that it's best to allow your rabbits to have a lot of space in your house or at least a big room and that they should not be housed outside. They will need to be out and about most of the day or at least several hours a day so they get enough exercise and stimulation, essentially free roaming for several hours. This means you will have to rabbit proof that/those room(s) or your house. Rabbits are often very destructive so keep that in mind if you're considering to get one and when I say one, it's recommended that you get two. They're also not as cuddly as a lot of people think, they're a bit like guinea pigs in that regard... some like to cuddle on your lap but a lot of rabbits just don't like being handled at all so you have to work with the rabbit rather than expect them to be lap pets.

Also make sure to neuter them regardless of whether they're male or female it's VERY important to do so and basically a requirement. As for their diet, they eat similarly to guinea pigs but their needs are slightly different, I added a link about their diet below so you can get a better idea. As for mixing guinea pigs/rabbits, they shouldn't be kept together EVER, not even for 'play dates' but you could probably... technically keep them in the same room the guinea pig cage is in provided the guinea pig cage is lifted from the floor and the rabbits can't get to it. I don't think they can give the guinea pigs a disease by just being in the same room if they are both healthy and have no direct contact and you don't mix their various toys/hideys/bowls etc. but I'm only about 99% sure of that part so that's something you could do further research on. You could use the search function on the forums or ask around on bunny forums or just do a google search... just double check before you do anything.

Here's some websites to read before you consider adopting bunnies, they cover all the things you need to know about their care and medical issues you can expect, and of course do your own research using google and triple check all information:

http://www.therabbithouse.com/diet/ (I found the diet section of this website very helpful to get a better visual overview of what to feed rabbits)

08-20-15, 08:18 am
I own rabbits and guinea pigs and I can tell you that they are definitely VERY different animals. My guinea pigs live in the back bedroom/game room where my husband spends most of his free time and that's where they stay. The rabbits "live" in the living room, but they go wherever they want. Rabbits need a lot of free time out of the cage to be happy and healthy. Most rabbits can be playful, but not super-cuddly. Every one I've ever had was more cat-like in that area...they'll cuddle, but only on their terms, and when they're done, they're done.

Check www.binkybunny.com for lots of info...that's the house rabbit forum I frequent the most. There's also the website for the House Rabbit Society, which has LOADS of good info and links.