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08-04-15, 10:03 am
Hi there,

My name here is Yuki, and as the title already says; I'm from the Netherlands.
I'm not very good in typing in English, so I hope it's not to annoying for you guys. The reason why I want to be a member of this forum is because I love guinea pigs, and I'm already a member on a Dutch site, but i wanted to check if you guys have different ways to treat your guinea pigs.

I already noticed that alot of you uses fleece in your cages, while the most of us uses other things. Don't know how it's pronounce here, but we use; zaagsel (sawdust?) hennep (hemp?) Aubiose, houtsnippers (woodchips?) :p I noticed that fleece is not very popular (on the Dutch forum)
I want more information about fleece so I think you guys can help me with that.

Thanks for reading my story lol

08-04-15, 10:38 am
Fleece is a good bedding because its comfortable and when it is urinated on, the absorbant layer under the fleece keeps it nice and dry! :)
Welcome to the forum!

08-04-15, 10:44 am
Hello, welcome to the forums!

I use fleece and LOVE it. You have so many patterns and colors it is just so fun.:D

Here are some links that may help you with considering fleece :)



Again, welcome to the forums!

08-04-15, 11:00 am
Thanks! :)

08-04-15, 01:37 pm
A lot of information on Dutch sites is outdated. I recommend to also take a look at www.guinealynx.info