View Full Version : Sick Piggies maybe ate silicone!!!!!

07-30-15, 05:34 pm
They aren't sick (yet) and hopefully won't be.

Today my daughter accidentally forgot the dustpan in the cage after cleaning. She noticed, but not before one or more piggies nibbled at the silicone/rubber edge of the dustpan. Probably less than 2 sq cm nibbled away.

If if this were to impact them negatively, what symptoms should I look for?

So sad and nervous for our babies. We have 4.

07-30-15, 06:52 pm
Calm down..........this may be the first, but it certainly won't be the last time this happens. Cavies are known to snack on all sorts of things. Of course, it shouldn't be a regular part of their diet, but unless they develop g.i. stasis, you're probably in the clear.

I have one who neither sees nor smells very well, and yet she can find the blue plastic edge of a puppy pad apparently by echo-locating. She will obsessively chew on her cardboard hidey, an exposed coroplast edge, nibble around a paper plate, and various other non-food items.

07-30-15, 11:08 pm
When I first switched to C&C, my pig Evie ate like a ton of coroplast. I had to cover the edges of the cage because she wanted to eat all of it. Then I got them a small cat food bowl that had a rubber non slip rim on the bottom. She started eating that too.

My point is that your piggies will probably be fine. Just keep an eye on them for any stomach problems. Owners will make mistakes - just learn from them :)

07-30-15, 11:34 pm
If I had to list all the things my pigs ate by accident, I would be here all night. My boyfriend complained that Snickers chewed off the coating to his laptop power cord. Then his laptop broke and he discovered what Snickers had done to MY power cord. Your piggies should be just fine, two square centimeters really isn't a ton. Just make sure water and hay are being consumed by all and everything should turn out just fine.

07-30-15, 11:56 pm
Guinea pigs will eat a wide range of inedible things if given the chance, most of the time everything works out fine. Just keep an eye on them to make sure the culprit is pooping, the most likely thing to go wrong would be the object causing a blockage but as long as they keep pooping that hasn't happened.