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07-20-15, 08:21 pm
Hello, everyone! I am a first-time pig-friend (along with Boyfriend, who had a guinea pig back when he was a kiddo but didn't know how to take care of her quite as well as we do now).

We love our pigs! We adopted them both from separate Humane Societies in mid-spring and have recently upgraded our cage to a 4'x4' "living room" with a 2'x2' loft with fleece bedding.

Kip Ruffalo is a three-year-old Abyssinian boar with red, white, and black fur. He is super-mellow and sweet and loves to be cuddled and held. His favorite thing is exploring during floortime (my favorite thing is hearing his happy bubbling!).

Chewy is a one-and-a-half-year-old Crested boar with gold and red fur and a white mouth and crest. He has always been more skittish than Kip, but it's gotten a little worse in the past few weeks. Originally, he liked to be held and snuggle into a pig pocket for laptime (see the picture below of me petting his nose). He also became a good friend to Kip, after the typical dominance rituals mellowed out. Shortly after introducing them, our air conditioning broke, and Chewy got an upper respiratory infection from the changes in temperature and moisture as we tried to keep them cool. It took a few vet trips and two different antibiotics before he was able to kick it. Ever since then, he has been way more nervous. He fusses at Kip constantly, chasing him a lot in the evening. He suddenly seems to hate laptime, squirming and trying to dart away if we hold him. In the evenings, he chatters whenever something "strange" approaches his vicinity (like a hand). Right now we're doing our best to make him more comfortable and to accommodate him.

If anyone has any pointers on helping Chewy readjust, I'd love to hear them! In the meantime, I'm just happy to be part of this community. :)


07-20-15, 09:57 pm
Your piggies are beautiful! Welcome to the forum. Just a suggestion, you may want to check and treat him for mites. They can only be diagnosed through a skin scraping(which is painful to piggies, I have heard). I can get back to you on the type of treatment to use. Often when pigs have mites their behavior changes in the ways that you have described.

07-21-15, 06:28 am
Thanks so much for the idea. We got them both cleared for mites, lice, and other pests when we first got them (poor Kip had ringworm, but with proper treatment it disappeared and hasn't come back yet). However, we might end up taking him back just to double-check. Thank you, and thanks for the warm welcome!

07-21-15, 06:39 am
The way to check for mites is a skin scraping, as GiuneaPigLover said. The problem is that they're negative a lot even when the pig does have mites. Treatment for mites is relatively inexpensive and can be done at home with no visit to the vet. And it doesn't hurt them to treat even if they don't have it. You just need Ivermectin (available online, also I saw it at Tractor Supply this weekend!). Here's a link to a great article about ivermectin: http://www.guinealynx.info/ivermectin_topical.html

On another note, your piggies absolutely adorable and I love the little cartoon picture, did you draw it?

07-21-15, 07:56 am
We did three treatments with Revolution the first three months, on recommendation from the vet as an "it-can't-hurt" precaution - is that the same drug? If so, should we start treatment again?

And thanks - they are adorable, and we love them! I'm so glad other people think so too. :) Yes, I drew the picture - I draw a lot, often pictures of me and Boyfriend, and since we got the piggies they are now in the drawings too (most often, the focal point!). Thank you for your help and kindness!