View Full Version : deciding to adopt male or female

07-19-15, 08:02 pm
I am on a (slow and cautious) search for a bunny to adopt. Looking for advice on whether to go girl or boy. I have read and heard that boys often have easier going temperments then females. However I have no patience for thinking of having penis issues or pee that can "spray" more etc.
Either way I will plan to spay/neuter if not already as I have read that to be best.

07-19-15, 08:45 pm
I would personally go with a male! They are cheaper to neuter, that's for sure! Plus I find that my male animals are more affectionate than my female. But as rabbits go, I've had both male and female! I found that the breed had a big part to play in their personality more than gender. The larger the rabbit is, the friendlier. In most cases, and in mine!

Best idea is to go meet the bunny if you are adopting to better see the personality.

07-19-15, 10:50 pm
Hi, thank you for your insight. Yes I will definitely meet a couple times before deciding on a bunny. I must be sexist because I always seem to think of female animals as lower maintenance (apparently I am discovering I have a phobia of penis problems or cleaning needed). However, I definitely want to consider overall pros and cons. Appreciate hearing your suggestions!