View Full Version : New on this site, HI

07-17-15, 06:00 pm
I have been a piggy momma for 4 years, lately going through some skin and eye problems with both of them but slowly working through it. Love my pigges more than anything and glad to be on this site with all the other piggy lovers :)

Amanda Marie
07-17-15, 06:09 pm
Welcome, I have 5 years experince. I also have 5 male pigs and i have alos lost 5 male pigs over the years. Glad more people are guinea pigs lovers!!! Pictures of your cuties?

07-18-15, 05:00 pm
I will upload some shortly.

Lady Amelia
07-20-15, 02:29 pm
Hello! What kind of eye and skin problems are they having? Medical stuff interests me. What are you doing to work through it? Excited to see the pix!