View Full Version : Cleaning Cleaning wooden hidey huts!

07-13-15, 03:25 pm
I just wanted to share a method I found for cleaning wooden hidey huts such as this one:

My sow is notorious for peeing against the back corners of her hut and I didn't want to have to throw it out when it really started to stink.
Then I got a thought: If vinegar/water mixes can remove urine from the fleece and coroplast, why not wooden hideys?

So I got my vinegar and water mix, balanced the hut on the edge of my sink, and generously sprayed the vinegar mix on the corners in question.
I let it sit for a good 5 minutes or so and then rinse it with HOT water.

What about the wood drying or the water making it mold you ask?
I simply leave the hut laying on it's side, propping the bottom of it up with paper towels, and leave it in front of my floor fan over night and by morning it is completely dry!
Blow drying it works too :)

The smell of urine is completely gone, the vinegar smell has gone away, and the longevity of the hut is extended! :)

I repeat the process as needed, usually only once a week to 2 weeks. I have yet to see if it works well enough to remove all scents when introducing pigs, but I will know later this week and will update this thread to let you guys know how it goes :)