View Full Version : Introducing myself and my babies! :)

07-11-15, 01:53 pm
7533475335 Hello everyone! I am a new guinea parent! I currently have 3 Guinea pigs (Aubrey-Black and white, Ariel-Redish brown, and Amelia-Mostly blonde). I have had a really bad first time experience with two guinea babies I bought from petco. I got Aubrey (Who I still have) and Poppy (who is no longer with us). I bought the babies from petco and as soon as I brought them home they started sneezing but ate just fine! I was told by the store that they were likely just allergic to my fleece bedding's detergent. So I bought new detergent and did everything I could to make them comfortable until having them about 10 days and they wouldn't stop sneezing! I called the pet store and they told me to bring them in. They then diagnose them with URI. I was devastated. My babies, who I loved with all my heart even though I only just got them, were sick. They had to refund us our money and take them back with the conditions that after they finish taking their medicine, we could get them back. I cried for days from missing them and called every day to check on them. One day when I called, they told me Poppy died that night. My heart broke. I suddenly had to worry about getting a new guinea friend for Aubrey and I was NOT getting one from them again!!!! I found a woman who rescues guinea pigs and had two babies that I fell in love with. I now have them in my Midwest cage75336 and I and currently adding onto it with c&c materials before Aubrey comes home. It will be doubled in size very soon! The girls and I are patiently waiting for Aubrey to come home on Monday! :o It has been a hard beginning but now my babies and I are happy and are looking forward to the future!

07-11-15, 02:34 pm
Oh my gosh they are so cute! And I love their names! And I'm glad you are adding on to give them more room. I'm very sorry to hear about poppy... But I'm glad that you will now have three healthy adorble piggies!!! :)

07-11-15, 02:40 pm
So cute!
Next time (hopefully there won't be a next time) I would take them to a qualified exotics vet rather than the pet store. They really don't know what they are doing :(
I hope Aubrey is okay! If you can, I would pick her up ASAP and get her to an exotics vet for her treatment. They shouldn't have to be keeping her while they are treating her, the vet would have sent you home with medication and care instruction. Just knowing the pet store has her right now makes me nervous :(