View Full Version : Found baby rabbits.... What should we do?

07-10-15, 01:11 pm
Hi, everyone. My brother's girlfriend found a couple of baby rabbits abandoned in a box on the side of the road. We aren't really sure on how to take care of them, does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks!

07-10-15, 01:23 pm
I don't really know anything about rabbits, so if it were me I'd probably look for an exotics vet or a rescue/shelter that takes in rabbits and ask what they use.

07-10-15, 02:40 pm
We just ended up with an abandoned bunny rabbit. I am just starting to learn how to take care of her. They have a similar diet as guinea pigs but it varies a little. I am still looking for a bunny forum but my teenage daughter is having surgery right now as I type this so this past week I have been too busy to play around on line and find a forum.

If you click on my topic abandoned bunny need help some one gave me a list of web sites you can reference.

I had no intention of keeping this bunny but I have fallen in love with her so yeah she is staying :)