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07-10-15, 07:57 am
I was finally able to take him the shelter vet yesterday. They shaved him because not only did he have the chin thing which I told them about he also had big nasty cuts all over his right side facing me (I didn't know about these. They gave me pills and told me to give him 1/2 every 12 hours and sent me on my way. They said he should just eat them by himself if not however then you need to put them in a fruit or vegetable, like a strawberry. So of course he refuses to take the pill. My problem with the strawberry method is he could not realize the pill is there and choke. What do I do?

07-10-15, 08:23 am
Can you crush it and mix it in a little water or juice and syringe feed it to him? I know juice is not usually recommended because of the sugar content, but we're talking a cc or less, and if that's the only way he will take it, i say do it.

07-10-15, 08:41 am
pigmommy89 Awesome thank you :) I just gave it to him so he's kind of mad :/

07-10-15, 10:02 am
Glad I could help! Sometimes you have to get a little creative with these guys. I've never actually heard of giving a guinea pig a pill before. I had a pig once that was sick and the vet crushed up his antibiotics and made a suspension with light corn syrup because they didn't have any liquid pig-safe antibiotics on hand.

07-10-15, 11:43 am
First of all, NO ONE who knows much about cavies would even consider giving them a pill! They have small throats and can't vomit, so I wouldn't even consider a crushed pill in food. Anything like that would need to be dissolved in a liquid to be administered.

Medications for a cavy need to be compounded by a pharmacy in a strength specific for the body weight of your piggy, and they will be in a liquid form. You can't go wrong with unflavored Pedialyte as a liquid medium. If you can pulverize the pills, you could also try putting them in a no-additive baby food like sweet potatoes or pumpkin. When my boy has his teeth planed, he sometimes can't eat for a couple of days. He is syringed Critical Care and also sweet potatoes to keep both his appetite and his energy intact.

07-10-15, 01:52 pm
I was questioning the pill method my self but he was a vet

07-10-15, 01:59 pm
Unfortunately, a lot of vets don't know much about small animals. Even vets that claim to be exotic vets can be pretty ignorant and misinformed.

07-10-15, 02:27 pm
Nazgul Sadly I can't do anything about it because he is a foster pig and can only go the shelter's vet :(