View Full Version : My friend's rabbit WILL NOT drink anything!!!!

10-21-05, 03:11 pm
:sorry: What should they do??? They have a waterbottle, the rabbit will not drink! He tried a waterdish, the rabbit will not drinkk! Will someone please help?!!:sorry: I'm very sorry about using the cavy chat to ask about a rabbit, but no one ever really checks the rabbit boards, and this is important! Everyone gives such great advice and help with piggers, i thought that someone would help with my freind's rabbit trouble.

10-21-05, 03:26 pm
What is the history with the rabbit? How long have they had it? How long has it not been drinking? Where did they get the rabbit if it was recent.

It could be the rabbit is drinking and they don't notice, or it needs to adapt to its new environment, and if left alone will feel comfortable enough to drink. However, if they have had the rabbit is only now not drinking, I think a vet visit is in order ASAP.

10-21-05, 03:32 pm
He just rescued the rabbit less than a week ago, and he got it from the North county humane society abd spac.

10-21-05, 04:40 pm
First your friend must read this website http://rabbit.org
Especially this page http://rabbit.org/faq/sections/diet.html

Have your friend wet the rabbit's daily veggies. The rabbit will get all the water it needs this way.

Leave the water bottle on the cage. Most likely the rabbit is drinking but only at night when it feels safe. If it's not drinking at all it may be because of the trauma of a new home. Once it settles in it should start drinking. I have never yet met an animal that did not learn how to drink from a water bottle.

10-21-05, 05:13 pm
Leave both the water bottle and the bowl in the cage. My polish never learned to drink from a water bottle. She hates having to lick for that long to get the water she wants and she would rather go thirsty. I am taking care of another rabbit who has used water bottles before but now is refusing. She last had a water bottle at the horrid place she was rescued from back in August and has been refusing them ever since. Once she was given a bowl she was fine. All my rabbits prefer bowls, so I just do more cleaning to accomodate them.

Tell your friend to get some sugarfree Pedialyte (drink for dehydrated toddlers). Put it in a separate bowl and see if the fruity smell will attract him. I know others have had success with adding a small amount of vanilla extract to the water. Also, if it's been a week with no water intake, your friend should call the vet.

10-21-05, 06:02 pm
Thanks! That's a good idea Voodoojoint!