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01-10-02, 06:42 pm
Added a new section to the Floor Time page (www.cavycages.com/floortime.htm (http://www.cavycages.com/floortime.htm)). Photos and directions for an easy-to-do setup which is pretty much poop-free! :)

01-11-02, 10:25 am
I love the ideas in your new section, CavySpirit! We have been giving our piggies daily floor time in the family room where they have the run of the entire room. I have noticed that on their own they have seemed to pick a couple of spots as "their own." One is a dark corner under an end table where they would hang out (and poop! and pee!). So I finally folded up a towel and put it there. But I like your idea much better about the bath mat, rug and newspaper. My boys also like to chew on newspaper so that would be an added bonus for them to "hang out" there.

Another area they've staked out as their own is the kitchen flooring remnant which I placed under their cage to catch the bits of stray litter which seep out through the cracks (a rabbit hutch, not a CC cage...one day!). For some reason they seem to like to pee on the kitchen flooring. So since this already set up as a place where they like to hang out (and use as a potty) it would be a natural home base area if I added a few of the extras that you mentioned. We've already got an extra Pigloo and an extra water bottle (used to belong to a hamster). I could easily set up another food dish down there (they're always hungry!).

I'm definitely going to implement the ideas for my boys during playtime. Great new section of your site!

BTW, I especially liked the pigtures! :)

01-11-02, 11:11 am
Glad you like it. It really does work. I think I'll update a comment based on your feedback. Mine also 'chose' their corner. You have to let them figure out their most favorite hiding/hang out place and work with it.


01-16-02, 05:04 pm
I think I'm going to try some of those ideas too. :) At the very least, I need a much bigger litter box than that stupid "small animal" corner box that came with Piglet's old cage! I'll try making a "home base" area with newspaper, hay, food, water, and the hidey holes from the cage (but they will still have to have the coroplast linings in them becaue Piglet always, ALWAYS goes in her houses both in the cage and during floor time).

Another idea - you know those little plastic stepping stools with 4 legs? (Got this idea from Guinealynx actually) Would they be good enough for shelters outside of the cage, instead of the hidey holes? I don't know for sure because I haven't tried it yet, but I think Piglet would be less likely to go to the bathroom in there because it is much less enclosed. But is it enclosed enough to qualify as a "safe shelter"?

How do you keep your pigs from peeing in the houses? Or do they go in them and you just don't mind? Even on a relatively absorbant surface (newspaper, sheets) when Piglet has done this she has gotten soaked in the urine before it was absorbed. Even if she didn't it's still a lot of trouble to clean up. Right now I don't give her a house at all for floor time because it is just too much of a mess! As soon as I build the boxes to line the houses, then I will...but I need to find a better solution. It's bad enough to have to use them in the cage. Just two more "litter boxes" to clean! :lol:

Actually my main problem with Piglet and floor time is that she insists on chewing and eating the carpet. We have the kind of carpet that is high-pile and very thick. It's in all our rooms. We had a cat who did herself serious internal damage from eating carpet. She used to hide behind the speaker cabinet in the living room and eat it when we weren't home. She eventually got so sick from the damage it did to her intestines that she had to be put to sleep. Of course we didn't know she was doing this until it was too late. After that well learned lesson, we know it's very dangerous for animals to chew on the carpet. So I have to put down something to cover the carpet even if she becomes relatively "litter trained". Sigh.

Sorry, I didn't mean to complain and make this post so long! Especially in the site feedback forum. Oh well. :)