View Full Version : Hair Loss Excessive shedding: Diet or heat related?

07-08-15, 04:22 pm
For the past week my boar has been shedding like CRAZY. I've been keeping an eye on him and he seems fine (eating, drinking, using the restroom normally, active as all heck!). When I first noticed I just marked it off as shedding a lot because we hadn't handled/groomed him in close to 2 weeks due to him recovering from his altering procedure. Could his meds after the procedure have caused this? (Bactrim for 1 week, 2 doses daily. Metacam 3-4 days, 2 doses daily)

After I noticed the shedding, we started brushing him regularly and making sure he had at least 1 frozen water bottle in his cage at all times so he could keep cool.

His skin is clear, he doesn't have fleas or mites, he doesn't have any bald spots, and isn't itching other than the usual scratching here and there, so what could it be? He IS by himself right now in a 2x3 c&c since he can't be in with the girls just yet, but I don't think that would be stressing him out...

Diet wise he get endless Timothy hay, 1/8 pellets (low calcium), and 1 cup of veggies a day. He is CRAZY picky, won't even eat apples. He only likes lettuce, baby carrots, and sometimes spinach.
Should I try giving him a wider variety of veg? Could the lack of variety be causing the shedding?

Another thing I thought could be the culprit is heat. It was REALLY hot last week. Like 110 Fahrenheit in the shade. We keep our AC running at 75-80 Fahrenheit when we leave the house or if it gets above 80 so the pigs don't over heat and they all get a frozen bottle in their cages so I'm not sure. He just got a cool bath today to get some of the loose hair out and get him smelling a little nicer and that seemed to help, but he was still shedding GOBS.

Any suggestions or ideas? I've narrowed it down to either being heat related, possibly stress related, medication side effect, or diet related.

07-08-15, 06:38 pm
And, I would consider that it may be none of the above! Some cavies just shed excessively and the length of their coat may not have anything to do with it. My Texel whose hair I cut very short almost never sheds. OTOH, my Aby, Chester, sheds 24 hrs. a day! I can brush him until we are both exhausted, and 30 mins later I will find white hair on my clothes. A bath helps, but only for about 24 hours.

Some of us have talked about forming the "shedding Aby" club. I don't believe that your boar is an Aby, so alas, you aren't eligible to join the club.

What concerns me is he wasn't shedding like this before his surgery :( and we had him for over a month before the surgery. Yeah he's an American shorthair :P
and the shedding is bad. Like, REALLY BAD. I could make another cavy out of the hair he has shed...his cozy looks like a giant hairball.