View Full Version : Cage How to get a cool looking cage :) newbie here

Anita Varrassi
07-08-15, 02:41 pm
Just got a new piggie today. So cage is from pet store. How do I get one of those cool looking big cages I see in the show me your cage post. Any tips would be amazing. Hubby owning piggies growing up I owned rats. But he always used the pet store one.

07-08-15, 02:56 pm
You make them out of storage cubes and coroplast. Here is the link to the supplies and how to make them http://www.guineapigcages.com/howtometric.htm.
Or this type of cage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6ssDF6aebbE
Also these pre made kits and extensions can be bought here http://www.guineapigcagesstore.com/

07-08-15, 02:57 pm
Follow these first two links for a basic beginner cage or buy one from the cage store.




Anita Varrassi
07-08-15, 05:38 pm
Thanks yall

Paul Suangate
07-11-15, 12:10 am
If your piggie is still in the store bought cage, try putting the hidey in the middle. He/she could run laps if it wanted to.

07-11-15, 05:45 am
And make sure you buy/build the cage to be big enough--a 2x3 or larger is good for one guinea pig, but you should try and build it to be big enough for another one so you can adopt them a friend of the same gender. They do much better with a guinea pig friend of their own...and the neat thing about a c and c cage is you can always expand later.

Anita Varrassi
07-17-15, 02:54 pm
I ended up buying the Midwest guinea habitat. He is now hiding but I think he will grow to love his new cage. Have some stuff ordered for it.

07-17-15, 04:39 pm
I have two Midwest cages and my piggies love the space. Besides making your own it is one of the best cages in my opinion.

Amanda Marie
07-17-15, 06:11 pm
You should buy another attachment for the Midwest cage to make it a bit bigger for when your ready to get another piggy. Just a suggestion. Piggie pics?

07-17-15, 06:21 pm
A Midwest is a great cage choice! Like Amanda Marie said you should try and get another expansion too! Also try out a fleece forest. All piggies love it and I bet yours will as well. Maybe a chew garland as well could add some flare. Also pigtures?