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07-07-15, 12:17 pm

So we will be on vacation for a little under two weeks and we were wondering if anyone around the Chicago NW suburbs could pet sit.
We will bring everything needed to take care of him.
He is good with kids and loves to be held!
He will even lay down and relax on your lap!
Most of our friends have dogs and cats, or are allergic to guinea pigs. So we don't really have good options.

The trip will be from the 16th to the 26th of July. But we would probably drop him off on the 15th. :)

His cage is a 2x4.

Thank you!

07-07-15, 12:51 pm
Here are some pics :)

75241 75242

07-07-15, 02:04 pm
Check your messages :)

07-07-15, 03:57 pm
thx! I replied :)