View Full Version : Behavior What gender pigs should i get? (3)

07-05-15, 08:50 pm
OKay, so Im planning on adopting three piggies from a local recuse. I put in my application for the piggies, and if approved, I am able to decide which ones id like to make part of my family. They are all so cute, and I cant decide! I don't know if all three should be boys, girls, 2 girls and one neutered boy, or two neutered boys and 1 girl. With your experience, what's the best decision? I want my piggies to be happy and to get along :)

07-05-15, 08:59 pm
Definitely not two neutered boys and 1 girls. It's almost a foregone conclusion that the males will fight, even though they're neutered.

The rest depends on the personality of the pigs more than anything else. Sows are generally, but not always, easier to introduce. A neutered male with females usually works well. Male pigs usually squabble more for dominance, but can live together very peacefully.

My suggestion would be to go to a reputable rescue and get them to help you pick out pigs that can live well together.

And I wouldn't insist on three if I had to put a singleton in with a pair. I'd wait until the rescue had three come in together, and take all of them, whatever they are. If you add a third pig to a pair, you may wind up with three solitary pigs who can't live with each other in any combination.

07-05-15, 09:25 pm
I suggest 2 girls and a boy