View Full Version : No cubes in Scandinavia!!!

10-21-05, 10:09 am
It's not easy to build a cavy cage when you can't get cubes anywhere on these Islands around here. It S-CKS! Sometimes I h-te these countries! This is very frusterated, I have looked in Sweden and Finland, but no luck. Now its just for me to beg on my knees to my "father-in-law" to weld a cage for me in a big size. Because my piggies needs a bigger cage.

10-21-05, 11:00 am
Maybe the Hong Kong in Tampere isn't sold out of cubes. I may be able to check sometime but it's kind of a far drive.

10-21-05, 02:13 pm
The problem is that neither I or my parents are to "Finland" so often. So the chance to get this cubes its not so high.

10-24-05, 08:44 am
Aha. Well if I do see them there we could possibly make out 'transport/ering'. My sister sometimes goes to Turku so it could work that way, it'd be a shorter drive for you. I'll have to see if I can get to the store anytime.

10-24-05, 09:23 am
I have decide to buy a ordinary cage. Because it's the strongest, when I have three cats whom are very interested to get in the cage to the piggies.

10-24-05, 09:33 am
Are you sure? Have you seen Odella's cage? http://cavycages.com/forum/showthread.php?t=10505&highlight=cage Check out that thread, she's changed it a bit though to close some gaps. Maybe you could build something out of chicken wire and wood, you could build a top too.