View Full Version : Dominance Cage too small? But it's not!

07-05-15, 02:47 am
OK, So when I first brought my pigs home I found out my two boys were not so "friendly" more like "brotherly" they DONT fight and NEVER have. But they have ALOT of tiffs throughout the day. The DIY cage we made meets the cage requirements and it even goes over. BUT I have the feeling somtimes they need more space. By christmas I want to upgrade their cage. Meaning a C&C cage.

07-05-15, 06:22 am
How large is your cage? If it's the same size with a 2x3, it might be too small for 2 boars. Since boars are more territorial, they need more space. Some boar pairs need at least 2x5 or 2x6 cage to get along.

07-05-15, 06:46 am
Ditto. Most, if not all boar pairs, need space equal to at least 2x5. Just because they don't have all out fights doesn't mean they're content. From what I understand, occassional tiffs are not uncommon among boars, but a lot? If it's as much as you say, you should upgrade your cage. How big is the current one, though? "Minimum size"* can mean different things. If you do not have a c and c cage, please tell us the INSIDE measurements of the cage.

*I'm not sure what you mean by minimum size for your DIY cage--you might mean the absolute minimum for two guinea pigs listed on the guineapigcages website, which says .7 sq m (2x3), even though the prefered is at least 2x4, which most consider to be the minimum. But that's for two sows. As said boars need more space, and most people I've talked to say 2x5 as the minimum/prefered. It's a bit confusing, so I'm not entirely sure what size it is.

07-05-15, 07:36 am
It never ends. ;)
I have three girls in a 2x8, and some days I really want to add another 2x3 section.

07-05-15, 09:43 am
The bigger I make my cage the bigger I want it to be.

07-05-15, 09:49 am
The bigger I make my cage the bigger I want it to be.

I'm the same way lol. I had my Dad build me a wooden cage because I always re-did my cage different ways. Now if I want to change it I have to add extensions.

07-05-15, 11:54 am
Agreed-I have boars myself, and they do fight somewhat often. I have them in a 2x3.5, but I will be upgrading to a 2x5 sometime either today, tomorrow, or later this week, and I think it will really help. If you'd like, after I've upgraded I'll tell you how much different they act, and if their fights subside.

The minimum size is a 2x3 for two pigs, but I honestly believe the minimum should be a 2x3 for two sows and a 2x4 for two boars, with the preferred size one grid extended for each.