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07-03-15, 08:55 am
Yet again tenants moved out and left an animal behind. This time its a little bunny rabbit. The bunny was in a backyard in Phoenix, apparently they just opened the hutch and let the bunny/bunnies go. My husband said the hutch was filthy so he did not bother to take it. He caught the bunny and brought it home. For now the bunny is in the pet store cage that we bought for our pigs before we learned about C&C cages. I held onto this cage in case I ever needed to emergency separate the pigs so I do not want to keep the bunny in this cage. Well I don't really want to keep the bunny at all. It is super cute soft and sweet but I just really do not want to have to clean up any more cages or boxes. We already have 3 pigs and 3 cats in our pretty small house. So there us a rabbit in my kitchen now.

Because I am really hoping to find a home for this guy/girl I don't want to join a bunny forum and do all sorts of research so I am hoping a few of you might be able to offer me some tips on what veggies to feed besides carrot and lettuce do they eat fruit? Do they like the same hay as pigs or do they prefer another. Do I need to worry that this bunny who has been living in the phoenix heat will be cold in my air conditioned kitchen? I know that may seem like a silly question but it is a very big difference in temperature, most times I'm chilly in the ac lol. I am going to get some rabbit pellets when I am out this afternoon I should probably get a salt lick too huh?

Any way please any advice for taking care of this cutie. I'm pretty sure its a baby and have no idea what kind of bunny it is.

Thanks for any help :)

07-03-15, 09:27 am
Great job saving this bunny! I'm a sucker for rabbits.

Do not give a salt lick! They can have unlimited hay, alfalfa isn't the best, orchard grass or Timothy hay are the best. Fruit is super high in sugar and should only be given as a treat! My rabbit goes crazy for dried bananas and raisins. They can have a variety of veggies, but personally I go with leafy greens, such as kale and leaf lettuce. I also give carrots a few times a week and my bunny goes crazy for dill... Or any herbs really!

The AC shouldn't bother him too much. The heat is definitely worse for them! Post some photos. If I lived near you I'd take him/her in a heartbeat!

07-03-15, 09:49 am
I dont know about veggies that much so I cant help you there. But they do eat the same hay as guinea pigs, so they eat timothy. And make sure when you get the pellets to get a good brand like oxbow. And i don't think salt licks are good for them. Instead get her a Willow ball. And also there is a youtuber Erins Animals who does bunny videos :)

07-03-15, 10:09 am
75133Thanks for the advice keep it coming :) Here he/she is

07-03-15, 10:24 am
What a cutie pie! Best of luck finding a home. I'm lucky and my rabbit has his own room that's bunny proof! He is also 100% litter trained. I use wood stove pellets and a huge kitty litter box from the dollar store. I put his hay in a pile in the box and bam! Litter trained

07-03-15, 10:48 am
I recently did some research on bunny care and found this website to be really easy to read in regards to what to feed them, they eat sort of similarly to guinea pigs when it comes to veggies:


As for how to rehome the bunny; I would suggest contacting your local House Rabbit Society' chapter. They should be able to advise you on how/where to rehome and interim care tips. There's also some good additional care information on their website:


Here's the recommended contact for Arizona:


Good luck and well done on rescuing the bunny!

(Note: I do not nor have I ever owned a bunny so I can't 100% vouch for the accuracy of the above information but I did do a lot of research and believe it to be fairly accurate/good place to start versus other sources)

07-09-15, 10:20 pm
We have fallen in love with the bunny. I guess I need to find a bunny forum lol.