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06-29-15, 03:38 pm
Hello! I have 2 guinea pigs named Butterscotch and Root Beer. Both were adopted from different homes, and we had hoped they would get along and share a cage.

First, about 3 months ago, we got Butterscotch. She is maybe about a year old, a friend wanted to rehome her since her kids lost interest and were neglecting her. After researching some about caring for a guinea pig, I built her a 2x4 c&c to get her out of her pet store cage.

My husband brought home Root Beer about a week after I put Butterscotch into the new bigger cage. We don't know how old Root Beer is, and didn't know anything about proper intros or quarantine either! :/ So, into the cage with Butterscotch she went. That didn't go over very well!

Root Beer was moved to the pet store cage for a bit, then we divided the 2 x 4 so they're together but can't fight.

Every attempt to have them be in the same space has ended in hostility no matter how neutral the turf, and one time blood was drawn. Most of the time they are fine being neighbors, but there will be occasional bouts of chattering teeth and agitated squeals. One of them likes chewing on the bars of the divider grid a lot!I'm losing hope they'll ever get along, and thinking it may be time to expand their cage so they can each have enough space.

06-29-15, 03:45 pm
There's a prescribed way for going about guinea pig introductions so there's some chance of success. The best article I know on it is at http://guinea-pigs.livejournal.com/3002707.html.

06-29-15, 03:59 pm
Thank you for that information, it's more detailed than anything I had found before.