View Full Version : New Toys Page, New Warning Page, and more

09-15-01, 10:42 pm
Added a toys and play page. Please let me know about additional suggestions.

Also, if you go to the Pet Store Page and click on aquariums, you will go to a more descriptive warning about aquariums and tubs and wood cages.

Also, added a bit of an intro at the top of the main page--mainly for the darn search engines. oh well....

Added some new photos. Trying out using the image event site to store photos for review. Please let me know what you think about it.

Added some photos of the Creative Cube boxes and Neat Idea Boxes on the Cubes and Coroplast page. Will add one for the Target version. If anyone has boxes of other versions around country, PLEASE take a photo and send it to me. I think it helps to know what you are shopping for.


01-26-02, 01:30 am
Wow! How you find the time to be a software sales executive, rescue and raise all those piggies, AND moderate this web site, is beyond me. I'm guessing you are seriously younger than MamaDean and me. (I was born during the Roosevelt administration! <chuckle>)

Your effort shows; this is a great looking web site.

01-26-02, 10:31 am
Thanks! Actually, I've been in the dot-bomb unemployed ranks for a few months now. About to start serious interviewing again this week. oh well. Fun's over. Focused on the websites for a while, especially the www.CavyRescue.com (http://www.CavyRescue.com) site. I actually have a ton of updates backlogged for this site. I'll try to get it done shortly. :) Of course, I've been saying that for a while!