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06-28-15, 01:20 pm
Hello, My name is Noah, and I'm 15 years old. While I realize that this community is largely 18+, I will never take part in behaviors that give teenagers on the internet a bad rep. I've been an animal person for just about all of my life, and I always have enjoyed the company of dogs, cats etc. However, I took a liking to guinea pigs when I noticed the sensitive side of these animals, which made me look into getting some pigs of my own! The way they seem to detect the mood and energy of the person near, or handling them really fuels my love for these animals, and me and my mom have always referred to them as "little horses", as horses seem to be able to detect the energy of people around them in the same way. I've really never been one to join forums, however, after spending an hour looking at the posts, I decided this was a community I really wanted to be a part of. I am an Ovo-vegan, (I cut out all poultry, dairy, red meat, fish products, and honey, and just eat eggs, which probably won't stay in my diet much longer for ethical reasons, though with our beautiful chickens, it might be tough.) and along with my three pigs, our very interesting household has 2 dogs, 3 very lazy cats, and 3 icelandic "ponies", and 12 chickens. I live in a small town in Maine, with a nice four acre property perfect all of our amazing animals! Without further ado, here are my little guys.

This is my sisters pig, Mae.
This is my baby, Cobaye (Named during before French finals :))
And this is Epona, the icing on the cake :) (I will post about their cage later...)

Thanks for having me, I hope to enjoy my stay!

06-28-15, 01:52 pm
Welcome! There are all ages here. You're never too young or too old to love guinea pigs.
Great pic of Epona. Peekaboo!

06-28-15, 02:49 pm
Why thank you! :) Those are picture of my pigs when they were a bit younger, but Epona is definitely the most photogenic pig of the three!!

06-28-15, 04:12 pm
You and your sister's piggies are adorable! And don't worry, I'm younger than 18 too. My piggies are spoiled rotten and if you ever want cheap/free diys that piggies love let me know, I'd be happy to help!

06-28-15, 07:20 pm
Welcome! I was your age when I had my first piggies years ago. I wish back then that I would have known about this forum. Of course, that's been a couple decades or so LOL. I just recently re-entered the guinea pig world after losing my dog of 11 years. I needed furry friends in the house, but I'm enjoying the freedom in my schedule of not having a dog. Sorry, I'm rambling. Anyway, welcome!

06-28-15, 11:23 pm
Never a problem, I've been a rambler for pretty much all of my life! When I found out about all of the subtle complications to owning guinea pigs, I was amazed, that even after hours of research, I was far away from knowing everything. One of my favorite part of guinea pigs is reading with them, that can easily make school work a bit more pleasant! Although I am fortunate enough to live in a house with an adorable therapy dog. Its awesome seeing how many ways guinea pigs have enhanced peoples lives on this forum!

06-28-15, 11:25 pm
No thanks on the DIYs, however it is amazing that on the day of joining the forums I've already been made an offer for low cost/complimentary supplies. Means a lot:)