View Full Version : Diarrhea crumbley poop?

06-27-15, 02:50 am
I am a guinea pig newbie. We adopted Cuddles and Patches last Sunday from a guinea pig rescue and so far we have all been adapting really well. They are around 1 1/2 - 2 years old and are both female. I noticed today that in their cage they have like crumbled, dusty looking poop as well as their normal poop. Is this a sign of something wrong or could they just be smashing up their poop or something. They typically get Romaine lettuce, green pepper, zucchini, a small carrot each a day, and occasionally tomato and/or cucumber along with plenty of timothy hay and their pellet food. One of the girls, not sure which one, has sneezed once today and both of their noses are dry. Both are eating really well and are drinking lots of fresh water.

06-27-15, 05:49 am
If it's just one sneeze i wouldn't worry to much but still always keep an eye for any kinds of signs as piggies will hide symptoms. on that topic have you made sure you have an exotic vet near you just incase.as for the poop issue sometimes mine will have theirs a little dry now and then I'm sure if you look on guinea lynx there might be something on it .good luck

06-27-15, 09:42 am
In my experience, their poop is more often too wet rather than too dry.

It sounds as though they could be dehydrated. Do you ever observe them drinking water? Many cavies are like us in that they don't drink enough water. Mine tend to drink water only when they eat pellets. They seem to get enough water from their veggies.........but due to recent events, I think not in my case.

We've had issues with bladder sludge and stones, and I began syringing unflavored Pedialyte 2-3x/day. My kids like the taste and Maya often will drink five 6cc syringes at one sitting. Some of her thirst is probably due to the warmer weather as well.

Ask your pharmacy for a 5-6 cc syringe and cut some of the end off (heat it to smooth the rough edges). If you have a compounding pharmacy nearby, many times they often compound pet meds as well and will have the proper hand feeding syringes available.

I think that it's worth a try to see if the consistency of the stools looks more normal.

06-27-15, 11:16 am
I'm on guinea lynx as well and have posted this question there as well.I physically see them drink a lot and iI hand feed them their veggies since one of them is a little piggie and will steal food from the other. Plus I figure its a great way to bond and bribe them yo like me.