View Full Version : Hello from Oklahoma

Vector Wolf
06-25-15, 10:32 pm
Hi! My wife's been on these forums for a while and I thought it was time I joined, too. We have two pigs, Max and Lyle. We both love them despite their ornery attitude.
75017Max, inexplicably sideways after uploading, but handsome anyways. I love how he sorta looks like he's smiling in this picture.
75018 Lyle, right side up and not nearly as photogenic.

06-26-15, 12:39 am
Welcome! Your Piggies are adorable and I love the fleece in Lyle's shot :) How long have you had your two cuties?

Vector Wolf
06-26-15, 12:17 pm
Lyle since January and Max since February. Just about a month apart. Max is older, he was a year old when we adopted him. Lyle was a petstore pig before we knew to avoid petstore, and he was only a few weeks old.

06-26-15, 01:30 pm
Welcome! Beautiful piggies!! :)

06-26-15, 02:27 pm
They are adorable. You're right, Max does look like he is smiling.

I'm so glad that you've joined your wife on the forum. Welcome!