View Full Version : Rabbit No longer Uses liter box?????

Amanda Marie
06-24-15, 02:03 am
I didn't know where to post this, and no one on my rabbit forum seems to want to answer this for me..... My rabbit Wayland or Buns as i call him more often. He is a harlequin Holland lop will be 1 years old on the 26 of June. He has stopped using his liter box to pee in. he is simply peeing next to it on the rugs/fleece i use for his bedding. he has a 3x6 cage and gets plenty of floor time if you all wanted to know that. But he will not pee in his liter box. I did not clean his liter box for a few days before i noticed this. When i changed it and put the newspaper and hay in the next day i wen to add more hay but he did not touch it, no pee or poop at all. No hay touched (that's another issue for another time) So i cleaned his cage and that's when i saw the rug was soaked, its a dark rug so i couldn't see it before. I then noticed that he was scared or something to go into to. so i changed the newspaper and i might think its the smell of it. So i am hoping that helps. So what i am asking is why has he stopped using it? Was it due to me not cleaning it as often as i use to? or the smell of the newspaper? or another behavior thing that i am not aware of? How do i re teach him to use the liter box? So far i have swept up his poop and soaked pieces of newspaper in his urine and placed it into the liter box like i did when i was potty training him. Will this still work? Any advice or help would be so greatly appreciated. I really would love some answers or information about where to go from here. Thank you so much.


06-24-15, 09:55 am
I'd consider the possibility that he might have a medical issue going on. If it's painful to urinate, he will associate that pain with the litter box. You might want to get him checked out in case he has a urinary tract infection.

Amanda Marie
06-24-15, 02:29 pm
OK thank you so much. I will get him in asap

06-24-15, 03:27 pm
The other possibility, although I don't know much about rabbits, is that he won't use it if it's dirty. We've had a couple of very picky cats that would go right by the litter box if they thought it wasn't clean enough.

06-27-15, 05:42 pm
This happened to me with my young English Lop, turned out he wanted/needed a way larger box! Once I upgraded his litter box, and got in the Yesterdays News Litter or Wood Pellets he started using it again. I also don't have bedding for them, as I noticed it indices my Holland Lop to urinate on it... No idea why. He has foam mats. And his litter box has wood pellets and hay.

Amanda Marie
06-28-15, 06:13 pm
So an update: After trying a technique from another rabbit savy person i removed all the fleece and just put yoga mats and 4 liter boxes. But to no avail he held in his pee and poop from 2 to 5pm. So i quickly replaced the rugs and fleece and he ran up to a rug and let out a huge pile of poop and pee. The next day which was the 26th of this month i left and was gone all day. This also happened to be his 1st birthday. I had someone home so no worries. But when i came back i checked hi liter box and he had used it!!!!!! And he has been using it ever since. I have two in now and he likes that. Though i am hoping once i clean it out he will return to using it as i am worried. But for the time begin he isn't peeing on the rugs or fleece. His liter box is the red guinea pig cage bottom from petco. so its big and i am going to buy another liter box which is actually a medium dog bed its plastic. But i am hoping tat he continues to use his liter box.