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06-22-15, 11:00 am
Hello everyone!
Ive joined today as I'm looking for some advice. Around 4 years ago I adopted two guinea pigs (Theodor and Alvin) I adopted them to live with my mini lop rabbit. I understand the feelings about rabbits and guinea pigs sharing. However all 3 got on as well as can be! Most days I'd find them snuggled up together, cleaning each other and generally getting along. Unfortunately I lost Theodor a year ago, I'm not sure of the cause. Around a week ago I noticed Alvin wasn't looking to well so I took him to vets where they claimed he was fine but needed his teeth clipping (which they did) however 2 days ago he was found dead in his cage :(.

Im not wanting to do so yet but I'm wanting advice on adopting more guinea pigs to share with my rabbit. Would he get along with them like he did Theodor and Alvin? He lived with them both as well as could be for all these years. But as he is older now will he not take to them?
Thank you x
this is them together

06-22-15, 11:10 am
The rabbit may get along with other guinea pigs but I also think there are other considerations to make. Guinea pigs and rabbit have different dietary needs and should not be fed the same pellets. Guinea pigs need extra vitamin C in their pellets so they will be constructed differently than rabbit pellets. You would need to find a way to feed them separate pellets every day. Rabbits are also pretty powerful when they kick their legs and could hurt the pigs or try to mount them if they are not neutured.
The main health concern is bordetella. Rabbits can carry this bacteria and may not show any signs of sickness with it. It is very hurtful to guinea pigs and can cause respiratory problems and kill them. Is your rabbit vaccinated for this?
Just a few things to keep in mind.

06-22-15, 11:15 am
Hi, thanks for replying
he is vaccinated and neutered. I used to mix guinea pig and rabbit food together and all 3 was a healthy weight. They also got fed greens/ tomatoes / carrots once a day. I understand of the risks with rabbits being powerful, and have always kept an eye for any signs of him hurting the pigs but he hasn't done so, that's how I know he can live suitably with pigs. He was young when I introduced all 3, would it make it any different now he's old? X

06-22-15, 11:32 am
What a cute little bunny. I would get another bunny for him over another piggy. I am sorry for the loss of you piggies.

06-22-15, 11:40 am
Nobody -- not the rabbit or guinea pig societies, the ASPCA, the veterinary associations, the many rescues that are out there -- recommends keeping rabbits and guinea pigs together. You may just have been lucky that your rabbit didn't binky onto your guinea pig and break its back. But rabbits carry bordatella and other microbes that guinea pigs can't be vaccinated against. Your animals would be much safer if you separated them and got each one a buddy.

06-22-15, 11:48 am
Please don't house guinea pigs with your rabbit. Since you don't know their cause of death, I wonder if your rabbit accidentally injured them.

Guinea pigs usually live much longer than 3 - 4 years.

Get your rabbit a rabbit friend. If you want guinea pigs, please house them separately.

06-22-15, 01:35 pm
I do have 2 hutches so think I may have rabbits in one and pigs in the other. I would never want anything bad to happen to them as I'm still majorly upset about losing my last pig, it's strange how much they affect your life! X

06-22-15, 06:38 pm
Hutches? Are they living outside? Sorry, there are many reasons why we don't support outdoor housing. Guinea pigs can get stolen, or killed by predators (including humans), heat stroke, weather conditions, and so on.


It's also better for rabbits to live indoors.

06-22-15, 07:06 pm
No they are in hutches indoor, I wanted them to have a lot of space so I bought a two teired hutch and their in my spare bedroom.

06-22-15, 11:13 pm
Welcome to the Guinea Pig Cages Forum. I agree with the other forum members about it not being a good idea to allow the rabbit and guinea pig to be around each other. The rabbit is a lot bigger than the guinea pig and i am afraid that the rabbit might kick the guinea pig.

I also think that it is a bad idea to put chinchillas and rabbits together. How old is the rabbit and the guinea pig?