View Full Version : Sick Very concerned about my 7 year old baby girl :/

Emily Green
06-21-15, 06:12 pm
I'm desperate for information. There aren't exotic vets near me and the ones I've taken Poopsie to have just told me it's old age, but I don't think that is it.
Poopsie has a great diet; I think. She gets hay in the morning and at night (nobody is really home during the day, so I give her as much as I can before work), her kibble gets refilled twice a day (the brand is Selective and it has vitamin c, zero sugar, rich in natural ingredients, and prevents selective feeding), she gets senior vitamins every day, too, as i think she has arthritis in her back and hips.
She's clearly eating and drinking water, but she's just withering away. She has fat in her belly, but it's hanging below her poor frame. She doesn't look bloated to me, and I've like felt her belly and it isn't hard or anything so i don't think it's blockage...she poops and pees fine.

is this normal for elderly piggies to just sag when they get older? I love her so much, I don't want to go upstairs and find her...you know. :\

Any ideas?

06-21-15, 06:16 pm
She may have an internal cyst or tumor, but it would require an exotic vet visit to find out. Seven isn't terribly old for a guinea pig -- many live to nine or ten.

Where do you live (city/state, not address)? We may be able to help you find an exotic vet.

Emily Green
06-21-15, 06:18 pm
Maybe I can have her that long :-)
That would be wonderful.... I live in Harrisburg, Pa.
I've been to regular vets for her, but they didn't seem very "confident"