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06-20-15, 08:22 pm
Hi Everyone! My name is Kristen and I just joined this forum to make some fellow guinea pig lover friends! I have two pigs, Clementine and Tallulah, and I wanted to tell the story of how they came to live with me. I am in college and I lived in a dorm room this past year with a roommate. One day out of no where my roommate decided she wanted a guinea pig. I tagged along with her and went to the pet store and we bought Clementine along with a cage. We were both completely naive when it came to guinea pigs, and at the time I did not understand how important it is to adopt and not buy from a pet store. My roommate and I had Clementine for one night, and the next day she decided she wanted to get Clementine a friend. The next morning we returned to the store and got Tallulah! Our two pigs lived in our dorm room with us for a month (which was a secret from the RA) until it was time to move out. My roommate took them home because they do belong to her, I was just along for the ride. After about a month of being home, my roommate asked me to take the pigs because a family member was allergic! Clementine and Tallulah made the trip from New Hampshire to Boston. They were extremely nervous for their first few weeks with me. After doing a lot of research and creeping on this forum, I realized how bad the cage they were living in was for them. It was an inexpensive store bought cage that was barely big enough for one pig, never mind two! Clementine and Tallulah now live in a 2x4 c&c cage with a loft. They are so much happy than when they came and are warming up to people more and more each day. They get plenty of floor time each day, always exploring, and trying new veggies all the time! While it was an extremely dumb idea to house two guinea pigs in a dorm room, I am so happy that they now live with me. I'm trying to be the best mom i can be! Clem and Lulah have been through a lot in their short 5 months of life, but they're happier than ever now!
Old cage, Tallulah, Clementine, new cage, playing outside!

06-20-15, 09:28 pm
Welcome! Clementine and Tallulah are so adorable, they have a very spacious beautiful cage and are lucky to have you as a pig mom!��

06-21-15, 05:10 am
Hello and welcome. your piggies are adorable and thank you for researching and making the right adjustments for them.your a good piggie mom.any questions feel free to ask here there's tons of knowledge on here to share.

06-21-15, 12:00 pm
Welcome to the forum. Your piggies are beautiful. They must have been thrilled to go from their petstore cage to such a spacious and lovely new cage. I'm sorry that your roommate couldn't keep them but they sure have found a wonderful new home with you.

Enjoy your adorable new girls and please keep us posted on them. We love to see pigtures.

06-21-15, 01:58 pm
Welcome! I got my pair in college and had to rework things quite a few times before getting their care right as well, so I've been there. There's a wealth of information you can find by exploring, but if you have any questions, feel free.