View Full Version : Diarrhea 3 week old Piggie started having diarrhea today, HELP

06-18-15, 08:04 pm
My 3 week old Piggie I noticed has diarrhea today. She is in a cage with two other females and they do not have diarrhea. She is eating and drinking just fine. I feed her Oxbow Alfalfa pellets, small pet select orchard hay, peppers in the morning and lettuce at night.

Her diarrhea is light brown. I gave her bene-bac in her peppers this morning. I am not sure what would cause this. Please help.

06-18-15, 08:07 pm
If it's flat-out diarrhea, and not just soft poop, then get her to a vet. Take her off all veggies in the meantime --only pellets and hay.

06-18-15, 08:25 pm
Should I continue giving her the bene-bac until she gets in to see a vet?

06-18-15, 09:07 pm
I don't think I would. Most pigs have no reaction to it, but some do.

06-18-15, 09:58 pm
So I gave her a bath to get the smeared poop off her and I separated from the others. When I looked into her cage I saw that her poops are formed and very soft.

06-19-15, 08:46 am
Then take her off veggies for a couple of days and see if the poops firm up.

If they do, then reintroduce the veggies one at a time, and allow 48 hours between each one so you can see how it affects the poop. You should be able to figure out which one is causing her problems that way.

She may just have had too many veggies too quickly, and her digestive system wasn't quite ready to handle them.