View Full Version : Want a Guinea Pig(s) Would It Be OK To Introduce A Female To My Male Pair?

06-18-15, 02:57 am
So i'm here to find out if it would be a good idea to introduce a female piggie to my male pair?
*BOTH of my boys are de-sexed* and don't fight.
They have little stand offs (Like rumble strutting and teeth chattering)
every couple of days. I have never seen them make contact or fight physicaly.
Please answer! <3

06-18-15, 03:00 am
I have seen people post here that there should only be one male. You can have several females with that one male. I guess they still fight over the female, even though their "urges" are gone.

06-18-15, 03:04 am
Ok, Thanks! :)

06-18-15, 03:14 am
Yep, they fight.

06-18-15, 03:29 am
Two males - one female is a bad combination - even if males are neutered. Males will fight over one female. The better ratio is one male - multiple females.

06-18-15, 03:51 am
It's typically a bad idea to introduce a new piggie to an existing piggie(s). While guinea pigs do like to be in groups, they usually only do well if they have been together from very early in. I tried to introduce a new piggie to my first one, and my older one would bite at the ear of the little one and they fought every time they were together, so we had to separate them.

06-18-15, 05:22 am
While guinea pigs do like to be in groups, they usually only do well if they have been together from very early in.

If introductions are done correctly and the cage is large enough to accommodate all the pigs, pigs (even males) can get along peacefully. They don't have to have been together from early on. I've had male pigs for 10 years now and have had several successful pairings.

06-18-15, 07:00 am
It's not true that most pigs can't get alone just fine with other pigs. You have to do introductions carefully, and there are a few pigs that never make the adjustment to a cage mate, but most do.

But the multiple males with females don't work. I know of a couple of people who have managed it, but they have huge herds of pigs that are free range.

06-18-15, 09:14 am
It's typically a bad idea to introduce a new piggie to an existing piggie(s).

This may be your experience, but it is rarely true! People successfully find a new piggy to add to their existing family every day.......even if the current cavy has been alone for some time. Perhaps you may want to examine the way in which you did/did not do the introductions? A one-time experience doesn't mean much much when it comes to cavies. They have likes/dislikes much as we do and not every pairing will suit them.

I'll give you a personal example: I had two boars and one of them died at about 5 m.o. The remaining neutered boar, Chester, lived alone for an entire year. I once brought home a little sow and he had absolutely NO reaction to her except to totally ignore her! About 4 mos. later I brought Maya home and he was overjoyed! He took a look at her and realized that he wasn't the only piggy in the world. It was literally love-at-first-sight for both of them.

One will often do well with a neutered boar and an intact sow.....or vice versa, especially if you have been unable to successfully pair two boars. Try it again! Give that piggy a new friend!

06-18-15, 04:43 pm
I thought my Bonnie would be a lone pig because I tried about four different sows/combinations of sows to try to get her to live with at least one other pig. She beat them all up, even two babies. Finally, I decided to try one more time and I adopted Gypsy and Chloe on the condition they would go back if it didn't work out. I'm happy to say it worked out great and they have been together happily for almost a year. Sometimes it's a matter of finding just the right pigs.

06-18-15, 05:30 pm
In the wild, cavy's way of life is like the lion's. One male, several females.
If you introduce your sow to your two boars, they'll start fighting over her. It's better
to have one boar, and several sows. Hope this helps!☺