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06-17-15, 03:03 pm
I'm looking for material to do my own C&C cage.

I already found the coroplast and the fleece, but I still couldn't find the grids and connection :/ I looked it up in Amazon and similar sites, but they either have none or an already done storage set which includes more grids than I need and it's a bit expensive...
Do you know anywhere I can find this materials easily?

Thank you.

06-17-15, 03:17 pm
There's a searchable database over at Guinea Pig Zone, and there are some international entries in it, I believe. You might try there.

Closet shelving also makes a great cage material, and it's available nearly everywhere. Rubbermaid distributes it to many countries.

06-17-15, 03:36 pm
I searched for it, but couldn't find anything near ... Nearest one was in Germany lol

And I would go with anything as long as it's big, but I'm moving to a rented flat and can't take something that big with me. C&C cages are different because I can always undo it so that I can transport them if it's needed.

06-17-15, 03:43 pm
How about a bookcase? Many people have transformed Ikea bookcase into cages.
You can line the bottom with coroplast.

Edit to add:
If I use that type of cage, I would take out all the shelves. They are full of glue and toxins, I won't let my pigs nibble on them.

See this gallery for other ideas.

You can also use plexiglass.

06-17-15, 03:48 pm
I thought of making a cage out of only coroplast, but I wanted to make it even more secure.

And as I said in the other post, I would love something similar to C&C because I DO need the cage to be as handy as possible since I might have to move it someday to a new home and I can undo C&C cages while I can't really do that with any other variety... I have to be able to easily take it into a bus or a car, so not something too big in that case.

06-17-15, 03:50 pm
Do you have dog playpen there? Something like this. You just need to make sure the space between the bars are less than 1.5 inches wide.

I've also seen a cage made out of cookie rack, zip tied together.

06-17-15, 03:54 pm
Oh, yeah, we got some of those in general online pet-shops here. Do you think that will really work? I will look for a small wide.
But I will have to see if that actually fits nice in the room.

I never thought of using a playpen as a cage for piggies lol Thank you!

06-17-15, 04:07 pm
You're welcome! I'd love to see pics when you're done building the cage.

06-21-15, 04:08 pm
I actually use two of these


You can look at customer pictures on the zooplus site and my cage is on there, it is picture 10.

07-20-15, 08:45 am
I already found a place where they sell cubes!! And it's not really expensive.

The site is http://lapraderaonline.com and they sell 16 pannels + 12 connector for 33€. They also have 3 different fleece patterns.

Hope this helps more Spanish people like me :D