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06-17-15, 11:56 am
Now that I got my pig out of his cage, he peed on the floor and I could see it was a bit white instead of transparent. I know this is because he has too many calcium on his diet but... I can't get to know what actually causes him to have too much calcium?

He always has hay to eat, I don't know the brand right now, but I believe is something german?
His pellets are from the Zupreem Nature's Promise brand. The Timothy Naturals variety.
And for veggies, he always has red peppers and then I add him different stuff depending on the day so that he doesn't eat the same over and over, but he eats; cucumber, apple, lettuce, carrot, green pepper and some other green stuff which I don't know the name in English.

So, hay all over the day, some pellets for lunch and then veggies for dinner.

Any suggestions why he gets too much calcium?

06-17-15, 12:02 pm
Guinea pig urine is always cloudy -- it's never clear. What you have to worry about is what's left when the urine is dry. Some powder is ok, lots of powder in thick piles you begin to worry about, and grit needs a vet visit to check for stones possibly forming.

If the pig is younger than six months, I wouldn't worry about it. Once they reach the six month mark, it's time to start restricting calcium. How old is he?

The pellets look pretty good, and they don't have calcium carbonate as the source, which is a good thing. But I can't find what the percentage of calcium in them is. How many of them are you feeding him?

06-17-15, 12:21 pm
bpatters he's one year and one/two months old now.
But if you say it's normal for it to be a bit cloudy maybe I'm worrying too much.

I feed him about a full-hand of pellets, my hand's not really big, but I don't know the exact amount.

06-17-15, 12:38 pm
He should have no more than 1/8 cup of pellets per day. They're just a handy way to give vitamins and minerals, and too many won't do him any good and may overload him on calcium.

It's definitely normal for it to be cloudy.