View Full Version : Videos Reaction to their names

06-15-15, 04:31 pm
I apologize for the crap video recorded through my phone.

Anyways this was 2 years of trust built up and constantly calling their names everytime I saw them. They did greet me earlier(not in the video) and I did catch their attention(they were eating pellets)

Excuse the messy cage I am waiting for the washing machine to be finished so I can clean it up either today or tomorrow.

I have no clue how to upload videos to this forum so here's a link XD


Note: The soda boxes on the back of the cage is to keep them from chewing the table cloth. I had a box blocking the cords, I have no clue where I put that box and plan to get another one. Their cage is now cleaned on Monday and Thursdays. I didn't get a chance to spot clean Saturday or Sunday cause of work.