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06-12-15, 05:20 pm
Hello all, I am new here. I have a question about introducing new cavies into the herd. I already have a fixed female and a male. Today I just got a new adult male and he is just humping everyone. What do I need to do to get them introduced without fights. The girl dosen't like the humping but keeps following him around and the poor baby boy does nothing. :confused:

06-12-15, 05:26 pm
Welcome! I'm not 100% positive now but from what I've read on this website.. You shouldn't put 2 males in with a female because they will fight each other.. I hope someone can help you though!

06-12-15, 05:28 pm
Mounting is all normal it's all part of figuring out who the dominant one will be.as long as theirs no blood don't do anything.they have to figure it out for themselves. it's what piggies do.theirs a link in guinea lynx that explains how to properly introduce them.also make sure you have the proper size cage for 3 piggies. theirs a chart on the homepage for proper cage size.welcome and good luck the forum is an awesome place for advice.

06-12-15, 05:29 pm
Thank you for the advice

06-12-15, 06:23 pm
You probably can't put two males with a female. In spite of the fact that she's been neutered, the males will fight over her, and probably make her life miserable in the process. You can do multiple females with one male, and I've heard of a couple of herds that have males, but we're talking 12-15 pigs or more. You'll be better off to get another pig to go with your new one.

06-14-15, 03:49 pm
Here is my herd all together 747547475574756. They all are doing good for their first day. In order there is Coco, Romano, and Weezy. They have been together for almost two hours with just the normal dominance dance. Now they are eating, drinking and resting. Romano is the new piggie. Coco is the fixed girl and Weezy is the baby boy. Weezy is the least dominate of the three so I am keeping a close watch on Coco and Romano. They seem to have the most dominance to work out between them. Thanks for all of the advice.

06-14-15, 04:30 pm
You're going to have bigger problems once the pup gets older and fights for dominance with your older male. You'd be better off either getting another female as a companion for your girl or neuter one male and get another female companion for him.

06-14-15, 04:52 pm
t now all is well. I know that will change and have prepared for that hurdle when it comes. It includes and extra piggie and cage