View Full Version : Popcorning Does popcorning = happy?

06-06-15, 04:15 pm
I read that popcorning means they are happy but then I also read it can mean they are annoyed. So confusing.

My little new guy is very shy and whenever I come near the cage he hides in his box. Every single time. I'd forget what he looked like if I didnt bug him I swear lol

Well lately my cat has come over and very politely just sits outside of their cage watching. Well whenever the cat is over he comes out and popcorns all over the place and runs to the side of the cage and even climbs on top of his box to see her!

He is never this lively. I might be a little jealous lol.

But I am now worried that it is because he is afraid or annoyed?

06-06-15, 04:40 pm
It can mean excited, stimulated, frightened, agitated. It's a reactive reaction to a stimulus. My guess is, he's probably unsure of the cat.