View Full Version : Cage Building a Wooden Hutch

06-03-15, 12:25 am

my sisters and I are planning on hand-building a wooden hutch for our guineas, as the store-boughts are waaaay too small and seriously expensive as we are quite rural. We are combining two store-boughts for a pair of our ladies Poki and Ponyo, but we want to build a new one for our ladies Gertie and Athena to save on cash.

The only problem is, Athena is currently pregnant so we are unsure how many more ladies are going to add to our herd, but we will cross that bridge when we get to it.

We live in Australia, and we keep our guinea pigs and rabbits in a sheltered area outside, like a garage sort of thing. The temperature is pretty constant where we keep them and it remains nice and dry, as our mother absolutely refuses to house the guinea pigs inside.

What we want to know is what sort of wood is safe for guinea pigs, how big should it ideally be for two plus and what sort of things should we be thinking of? Are there particular styles or features that they would prefer, and if we are building two story like the rest of our hutches what should we do with ramps, etc?

Or should we look into converting old furniture into a hutch, as I have seen online? Is that safe for the pigs, with the wood and the treatment on them and all?

Thank you!